New York

Oak Isle

Year Of Our Lord 1827

I wanted to scream.

But I couldn’t.

The stench of blood hummed in the air, a coppery tickle that burned at my throat. A thick line of fire surrounded us, encasing the room in an orange tomb. Flames licked at the walls, my skin – burning, consuming. I loosened my hold on Will as a great wind swirled in front of us, destroying everything in its path.

Our hands were suddenly pulled apart as something invisible charged into my chest, pinning me high against a wall.


I struggled to break free, panic rising in my throat like bile. Terror rose within me as a figure of a woman appeared with deep, dark shallows beneath her soulless eyes. She flickered in and out, like a light switch, struggling to keep its form on this plane.

Fear encompassed my being as the invisible force lowered my body, letting my feet hover a few inches above the ground. Her hands wound around my throat, a wicked grin spreading on her lips as she lifted me up, squeezing. I gasped for air, wrapping my hands around her wrists to let me go. But they were to no avail.

I saw Will pushing himself up with great exertion. My eyes widened at the blood sprouting on his dress shirt like a deadly flower blooming across his chest. The knife had entered just below his rib cage, drawing across his body violently, tearing a wide gap across his torso. The malevolent spirit had cackled then, enjoying the torture she inflicted upon him.

His bloodied hand pressed painfully to the slice at his chest as he staggered forward. It was all he could do to hold the thread of life he clung to.

Then, just as black dots danced across my vision, a short silver knife jutted from between her shoulder blades. It stuck out at an odd angle, aligned nearly perfectly at my chest if not for her body holding it in the air, in somewhat transparency. I dropped to the floor as her attention dwindled, choking and gasping for air. My hands involuntarily went to my throat where I felt the searing sensation of her hands left on my skin. She reached behind her, gripping the hilt of the blade, but not quite reaching. An ear-splitting scream escaped her lips, more anger than pain.

She turned and leapt at Will, breath rattling in sync with the trembling walls. His eyes locked with mine, his blue gaze sending a silent plea.

Get out, Liz. Make sure Lina is safe. Go.

He ducked from her reach and shoulder-rolled onto one knee, leaping to his feet with such agility I had never seen before. He rushed across the room to my side and pulled me up by the crook of my elbow. His breath was labored as we headed toward the door.

The lights flickered; the doors violently shuddered as the energy the ghost exerted pulsed through the air with buzzing intensity.  Each step we took caused a new surge of violent electricity to surge through the atmosphere, making the walls groan in protest as the house rumbled like it was alive.

“Come, Liz. Almost there. Just a few more-”

A loud, echoing wail of fury vibrated the house. My heart thundered in my ears as an invisible force pulled Will apart from me. My fingers grazed the air where he had been only moments ago, a horrified scream clawed its way out of my throat as the invisible force sent him flying across the room into a wooden wardrobe. He moaned as the thick wood splintered under his weight and tumbled forward, landing face-forward on the wooden floorboards with a reverberating thud.

“Will!” He didn’t move, didn’t make a sound. My stomach dropped as I stepped forward, but the spirit got to me first. Her soulless eyes sent my erratic heart into pandemonium. I backed away from her; each step brought me closer to the door; a wicked smile twisted unto her lips as she watched me with unfeigned amusement.

I turned sharply on my heels, grasping the door knob under my palm. Freedom grazed my fingertips. And just as quickly as the flicker of hope came – it disappeared, like it had never been there in the first place.

The door slammed. I turned, facing the malevolent spirit as she sauntered forth to kill me.

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  1. This looks great! Can’t wait to

  2. Wow! This is awesome! I’d never seen this before…


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