Book Review: The First Night (The First #1) by M.S. Fowle

Author: M.S. Fowle

Publisher: M.S. Fowle

Release date: March 18, 2012

Rating: 4 stars – ENJOYED IT!

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Alex was just twelve years old when she learned monsters are real. Now, nearly ten years later, she and her team of fighters are locked in a secret war with Odin, the ancient faction of wealthy elites genetically engineering these monsters – the Chimeras. But Alex never knew why Chimeras were created… until she meets Zeke. He is Odin’s true target, him and his kind. They are of legends and myths. They are the First. But are they friend or foe? There’s only one thing Alex knows for sure… don’t ever call them vampires. — Goodreads

Read at your own risk. MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS.

The First Night is the first book in M.S. Fowle’s First series. It’s an indie gem and I was very happy to have found it. I even had the privilege of getting a copy from the author herself! In all honesty, I devoured this book from the first day I read it. I had to read in little pieces because it was just so much to process that I wanted to get my mind around it. If you’re looking for a fast paced, unique, and creative story then The First Night is definitely for you!

From the very beginning of the novel, M.S. Fowle takes us right into the heart of the action. Alex and her team are caught in a battle with Chimeras that are genetically engineered monsters. Her life is saved from one of the beast by a stranger named Zeke, who is a vampire as the legends depict them to be. This is where I absolutely loved Fowle’s twist to the legend surrounding vampires. She made them her own, weaving a tale of the First – who have been fighting Chimeras for centuries. As the story progresses, Alex and Zeke form an unlikely alliance. Together they help each other in the war against the Chimeras; saving each others lives, discovering secrets, and possibly even falling in love.

Now, I’m a hopeless romantic. Sorry! But I felt towards the end of the story that Fowle did a wonderful job developing a possible relationship between Alex and Zeke. There were hints scattered across the novel, but it’s not clearly seen until the final pages of the book, which I absolutely love! I really enjoy seeing the characters develop that feeling of attraction towards one another. Its an element that moves the story along. Plus, Zeke is mysterious and aloof! Who wouldn’t fall for a guy like that?

I also have to mention the action-packed scenes that are just AWESOME. At some parts in the novel I even imagined being part of Alex’s kickass team! They are relentless, keeping up with the Chimeras and killing the ones they cross. Every member of her team has a reason for fighting Chimeras and it is why they are fiercely determined to kill every last one of them until they are extinct from the face of the earth. With war comes lost and I won’t spoil who dies, but quite a few characters do.

There is nothing short of disappointment in this undiscovered author’s work. I must admit that there are a few grammatical and language errors, BUT it does not take away from the story whatsoever. Her story is an intriguing and unique spin to the entire vampire epidemic that has spread like wildfire in literature. It’s a really nice change, which is why I enjoyed it so much – that and the creativity. I mean who has ever heard of Chimeras? I certainly haven’t!

I honestly cannot wait to read what’s in store next for Alex, Zeke, and their friends. The fight with the Chimeras is not over, and I’m certain that the next installment will not be the end of their dangerous adventure together.

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  1. I have just finished the fourth book and let me say they get better and better but keep tissues handy for the later books

    • Ahhhhh. I may cry. I’m definitely going to cry. I need to purchase the next book tomorrow! 😀 Eeep! It’s rather addicting. I like how it’s just so fast and easy to read 🙂

  2. Thank you so much, Emma! I’m so happy you enjoyed it – and I hope you enjoy the rest of the series. 😀 This is exactly what I needed today!

    • You are very welcome! 😀 I’ll definitely be sure to keep doing reviews for the upcoming books as well! 🙂 Also, if you have author friends and they want reviews, send them my way! I’ll be happy to discover some new stuff to book blog about 😀


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