Snoring Papa Bear

Tonight was a pretty amazing evening! My best friend and I went to go meet Michelle Hodkin (who is one of my new favorite YA authors) and Ellen Hopkins at one of our local B&N bookstore. I got my books signed and even caved. I went to the signing with only two books in hand and ended up walking out of the store with FOUR. Oh! and I might even add that I bought an extra copy of Hodkin’s book for Ray, cause you know, I’m an AWESOME best friend. It looks like I will be broke for tomorrow…But it’s all good. I will be getting my paycheck on Friday, which I will most likely spend on buying more books *shrugs*.

Anyways, after we got back to my house, Ray and I began surfing the glorious world that is the INTERNET when all of a sudden we hear my dad….snoring.


You heard that right.


So this is a short clip of our adventures. I apologize in advance about the poor quality in video BUT I assure you that the audio is pretty darn good, if I do say so myself.


Oh! And here is what I purchased at the book store. I couldn’t help myself. I’m so compulsive when it comes to books. THEY ARE MY KRYPTONITE.

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