Character Flaw

In the last week I have come to realize my fatal character flaw.


Yep. I’m certain that we all have some degree of procrastination, making us who we are. Within the last week I have come to terms that it is my Achilles heel. School has been a giant chip on my shoulder, not to mention that work was hectic last week (it being Thanksgiving and Black Friday here in the States). I knew all this, knew that my schedule would be busy. I even planned my days that I didn’t have school or work for days where I would diligently spend working on three projects due this week.

So guess what I ended up doing with my free days?



Okay, so that’s not entirely true. I finished all the episodes of Doctor Who and watched all the episodes so far in the new t.v. drama Emily Owens MD. But that has nothing to do with school work and now I’m royally screwed. Sort of. Hopefully not if Fate is on my side. I guess being under a stressful setting has turned my brain into overdrive. Out of the 10 page research paper due Wednesday I have done 5 pages in 2 hours. I’m taking a break for the night and will continue tomorrow. BUT I am still not done with the other project that is due, which is a lesson presentation for the same class. It’s a lot, work load wise, but not difficult.

I wish that I would have realized this sooner rather than wasting my days doing nothing productive. The good thing that came from all of this is that I finally figured out how to even start the paper and have even begun brainstorming for my lesson presentation topic – thinking of doing a brief introduction to Shakespeare!

Anyways, moral of the story: DO NOT WAIT TWO DAYS BEFORE A DEADLINE TO START A PROJECT. Don’t be like me. Take my painfully brutal and high stress situation as a cautionary tale to never do what I did.

Once my week of hell is over I shall get back to reading and doing reviews and also become more active as a blogger! Hope you guys are having a wonderful night! 🙂 Remember: DO NOT BE LIKE ME. Use your time wisely.

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  1. Doing nothing is the BEST though LOL & Good luck with that paper Emma :D! & really, everyone starts their paper at the last second possible ahah so you really aren’t alone!


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