30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 1

Blog-ChallengeI first came upon a 30 day blog challenge by seeing them on numerous blogs and I thought, “Hey, why not. Could be fun.” Plus, I am extremely bored because 1) school is almost over and 2) I am really horrible at updating my stories right now. So this would be a good way to keep my creative juices flowing and keep me writing.

Alrighty, so here I go…


Five ways to win your heart.

One – thoughtful. I’ve always thought it sweet and kind of endearing when a guy remembered something I never thought he would about me. It’s refreshing because most guys don’t remember things (don’t shoot me) but that’s what I’ve experienced. Like in high school I was dating this guy who just kept forgetting what I’d said to him the day before. It was frustrating and made me feel like I didn’t matter. But if he would have just remembered – even if it was something as small as knowing I absolutely hate oranges, then it would have made a difference.

Two – passionate. When a guy is passionate about life and what he strongly believes in or does I am completely and utterly captivated. It’s gives me a glimpse of what he’s like, kinda like trying to fit the puzzle pieces together. I’ve come to the startling realization that if a guy isn’t passionate about something then there is nothing. No good will come from the relationship because one will always be more passionate than the other, even when it comes to love. I’m not saying that I want a guy who is an incredible romantic – that can be bad all on it’s own – but I want him to challenge me. I wouldn’t want him to just sit there and agree with me when he knows that I may be wrong. That wouldn’t be standing behind his convictions, and a man who can definitely has me from the start.

Three –funnyI like a guy who can just make me laugh, plain a simple. I don’t want him to be too serious to the point that I am just completely bored and want to completely shot myself in the head whenever he talks.

Four – intelligent. If I cannot hold an intelligent conversation with a guy – nothing is there. It’s positively maddening to sit there, having a shallow conversation about what hair products he may/may not use. Yes, I’ve had one before. It’s trivial and I wanted an escape path ASAP. Thankfully, my friend came to the rescue and we left Mr. Supermodel all by his lonesome. Never should I have fallen for the baby blues of his – which is a weakness, can you blame me? – but I learned my lesson. I’d rather have substance than prettiness any day.

Five – lover of books. So this might be a little bit of a stretch, since most guys absolutely detest reading, but I want a guy who shares my passion for books. I spend most of my free time in these faraway places with amazing characters who make me forget about reality. I want to be able to discuss books with him in a way where we’ll both be lost in our points because it’s given that we wouldn’t agree. But I want that. He doesn’t even have to like the same genre I read. We could always expose each other to the vast corners that is literature – that would mean the absolute world to me.

So that’s all folks!

Stay tuned tomorrow for more of my thoughtful musings – or ramblings, as I call them. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! 🙂

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  1. Oo now I’m tempted to try this myself!

  2. Emz, where’s the source link of this challenge? I wanna join as well! It sounds fun! 😀


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