30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 3

Favorite ShowsOkay, so I’m a day late. But my predicament was understandable, right?

Anyways, I have four days FREE! No school. No work. It’s like an early Christmas present. I’m actually going to go hang out with Ray and cause some destruction. Well, not actually. We’re gonna do the Chubby Bunny Challenge. Which, I shall explain more on that later!

Your favorite television program(s).

Two of my favorite t.v. shows are BBC dramas. The first is Doctor Who, which is a show about a timelord traveling the galaxies with a companion. He always has one. Always. But they always leave him, which is incredibly heartbreaking all on it’s own. It’s full of adventure, humor, and a wee bit of romance. There’s also loads of twists and turns and wibbly wobbly timey wimey…stuff. With the twists and turns come incredible mind fucks. Literally. Sometimes, I watch an episode and I’m like….WUT JUST HAPPENED. Then once you get it it’s like, “Oh. Well, that wasn’t that difficult to understand.” Yeah. No, it was. I am anticipating the return of Doctor Who with the Christmas Special where the Doctor (Eleven) gets a new companion and she’s from the Victorian Era! YESSSS.

Next is Merlin. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this show to pieces. It’s a different spin to the Arthurian legends that we know. Instead of Merlin being this old wise man who counsels King Arthur, he is just a boy a few years younger than the prince. Guinevere is a servant rather than a Lady, and Morgana grew up with Arthur for most of her life – until she turned evil. The directors took a lot of liberties with the myths and legends, but I believe that it’s what makes the show so great and highly esteemed. As the audience we never know what to expect. Aside from the plot, I believe that the actors are one in a million. They are amazing. Bradley James is my favorite. He plays Arthur Pendragon and his facial expressions to certain situations whether it’s joy, sadness, or confusion are PRICELESS. Colin Morgan who plays Merlin is also AMAZING.

Finally, here in America, hands down my favorite t.v. show is Once Upon a Time. It’s a modernized twist to the fairy tales we all know and love. Part of the show’s plot is trying to figure out who the characters were in the magical land. Some are obvious while others are difficult to figure out. The show is very raw with emotion and you can’t help but love all the good guys while also feeling pity for the bad guys. It’s more than just Good vs. Evil, more than just black and white. There’s always reasons for why people are the way they are and OUAT treads on that matter to the core. Plus, some of the male actors that are on that show just make it so much easier to watch. Who woulda thunk? 😉

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  1. Bradley James is freaking amazing! LOL I love love love him in Merlin! Though admittedly, Katie McGrath does a freaking awesome Morgana x) Loved her transition into the crazy witch ahah.

  2. Once Upon A Time! I am totally hooked on that show too! And not only because it provides some very appreciated eye candy. 😉


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