30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 4

“Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art…. It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival.”

– C.S. Lewis

So here I am again and today’s challenge is: Write about your closest friend(s).

I honestly don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for my two best friends. They are the people who keep me together when things are falling apart. They are the people who I could rant to, who know my secrets and fears. I don’t trust people very easily. I’m not the kind to just spill my entire life story on the first meeting, nor am I the kind of person who is sociable and approachable – not when it comes to actually seeking a friend. But I guess what I’ve learned through these nineteen years of existence is that friendships don’t just magically happen. They are built. It doesn’t matter what connects to people together. It could be the simplest of things like loving chocolate or reading the same books. Maybe even sharing the same kind of political idea. Who knows? But that’s when you find people who you just know they will be forever in your life.

Okay. So things got really deep there, eh? So back to my friends. One of my best friends is Ray, who so kindly let me use her laptop while she does laundry. I’ve known her since my freshman year of high school. We lived in the same apartment complex and bounded in Health classes having the same mutual feeling for the subject. Over the years she has been my only constant friend, being there when things were rough. We can cry in front of each other, knowing that there is no judgement. The same stands true for the opposite. We can laugh for a long time and stop, look at each other, and burst out in laughter again. Ray’s also the only friend from high school that I still to. She’s more than just my best friend. She’s like my sister. We borrow each other clothes when we sleep over and watch our favorite movies and shows. We can be sitting there doing nothing and it wouldn’t be awkward. She’s one of the greatest people I’ve met and I’m glad to have her in my life. I can’t even imagine a life without having met her. I wouldn’t have all the great memories with her like going cliff jumping or walking to Mickey D’s after Prom.

Then there is Anna, who I just met a little over a year ago online. Yet, she became one of my best friend’s over a short period of time. We live so far away from each other, but distance doesn’t affect our friendship. I talk to her everyday, whether it’s over text or on IM. She’s a writer and reader, which are things that instantly drew us together. We could talk for hours about a characters, plots, movies, and never get tired of each other. We’re the same but different at the same time. Our difference in opinions make us see the other side, which is wholly new and refreshing. She is a beautiful and strong, going through things that many of us would not experience in our lifetime. She would not admit it, but we’ve both rubbed off on each other. Our personalities. I’ve turned her into a romantic, which is something that she denies. On the opposite side of the spectrum, I’ve become sarcastic. She is brilliant and witty! And I find myself wishing that I was like that. It really sucks not being able to hang out together because we live so far away, but I just know that a few years down the road we’ll meet and we’ll probably go hijack a bookstore and nab all the candy in the store. Okay, maybe not hijack a bookstore, but maybe we could kidnap some of our celebrity husbands. That would be fun, right? We’ve even mused about living together and having a book cave, kinda like batman has his bat cave. The room would be solely for all our books because we’d have that many. We’d live in a small town because I’m tired of the city life. It’s too loud and it’d be inspiring to live in a small town, having the beauty of nature surround us – since we’re both aspiring authors 🙂

I could talk about how wonderful both Anna and Ray are for days and never do them justice. They are just beautiful and amazing people that I’ve met and would do anything for. I love them both and don’t know what life would be without them. I know in my heart and sincerely hope that I’ll have them both as friends, having a lifetime of adventures together.

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  1. Awww, so sweet. And I’m not a romantic, nu uh, never ;P

  2. Aww Emma, this is like such a sweet post x)! OMG I can totally see you changing everyone you meet into a freaking romantic HAHA


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