30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 6

WINTERYour favorite season, and why.

My absolute favorite season, hands down, has to be WINTER. I live in Nevada, so most of the year it is very hot and dry. I’m always counting down the days when it’ll be winter, when it’ll be cold for once in the 7 months that it’s stifling hot. Rainy winter days are the best because we hardly get them. We hardly get rain at all. It doesn’t last as long as somewhere else, but it’s like a blissful moment suspended in time where all I hear is the low drum of the rain pattering on my window. It’s perfect reading or writing weather. I love it!

I also love winter because I get to wear warm clothes. I can wear long sleeves, scarfs, over-sized sweaters, boots, hats, and every other clothes associated to the season. I love cardigans and I wore them a few times during the summer and I almost died. Seriously. It’s just too hot to wear anything other than a t-shirt and shorts. And I dislike wearing those things. I’m not a short-wearing kind of girl. I like my jeans. So that’s another reason why I love winter. I can actually feel comfortable in my skins with the types of clothes that I DO like to wear.

Lastly, the food. I mean, who could not enjoy the holiday season food. Winter is the time where Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts are held! My favorite is the pumpkin pie and hot chocolate with marshmallows! It’s so yummy and warm in my tummy 🙂

Welp. That is it! Phew. Hope that didn’t bore any of you! Hope everyone is having a wonderful evening! Hmm…now I want some hot chocolate 😛 I’m going to go make myself a batch! 😀

*scurries off into the wind*

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  1. Mine is rainy season, we don’t have winter here… 😦


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