30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 9

How important you think education is.

I think that education is very important in our society. This isn’t specifically directed to the U.S. but everywhere around the world. With that said, I believe that it’s most often taken for granted here. We do not value education as we did, like say, in the 50’s. We have students every day who believe that it’s a waste to go to school. They take for granted the right to a free and public education that other people can’t afford. People from around the world wish that they could have the right to study here in America because their countries’ education system is no where near to advances and teachings we have.

Needless to say, our ancestors fought for the right to have a fair and just education system. Women specifically. We had to fight for the right to have the same chance at getting an education. Even in the teaching field, when woman began to take over the profession in the 1700’s, they were still not given the same amount of wages for the job as men had. But we walked forward and fought back, challenging the law until we had equality.

We live in a country where it is a privilege – I say privilege because we should be thankful for the amount of rights and freedoms every human being is endowed – to be able to have the right to education. There are still countries who deem it illegal for woman to have an education, much less any kind of rights at all. They are still treated as property, as cattle, to be owned.

It angers me when ignorance is at fault. When there are people who think that education is a waste. Where would we be without it? There would be no progress of any kind. We wouldn’t have the technology that we have now. There would be no cars, planes, trains, and every other mode of transportation. Science wouldn’t be as advanced as it is now. The arts forever would be lost to time.

Knowledge is power. If people didn’t thirst for it than there wouldn’t be a drive; a passion to succeed, to push oneself to do unimaginable and beautiful things.

I know that this seems all over the place, but I feel strongly about education and what it means for us. I’m very thankful to have had the opportunity to go to school and learn things that my parents never had the chance to. In my family, education is something we all value because without it there is no room to move forward and succeed, at least that’s what they firmly believe in. My parents all push us to do the best we can in school so that we (my siblings and I) don’t have to bend over backwards in a job that doesn’t offer many benefits or pay well. My mom last summer even made me take summer session so that I could still be studying rather than not do anything productive with my time. It was a small sacrifice, but the reward was great.

I just wish that more people thought like my parents, valuing education to the highest regard. Maybe, our society would even have a different outlook on many of it’s political, social, and economical views.

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  1. I absolutely agree: our education is a gift and should not be taken for granted. Some students get that; some only realize it when they graduate or when, suddenly, they can’t afford college; but there are also those that simply lack motivation. I don’t think parents are necessarily at fault in those cases– the desire to learn has to come from within. I never frittered my education away, but I’m sure I could have been more enthusiastic in high school.

    when I look back and see my little sister in high school now I tell her to enjoy it while it’s free, take advantage and learn what she can!


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