30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 14

Do you have siblings? Talk about them. snapshot (13)

Alrighty. Be prepared for a whole lot of rambling here. My siblings is a subject I  could talk about for hours.

So you may be wondering who the little monster on the right may be. Well, that’s my little sister Angie, the youngest of four kids. I’ll start with her, since she’s my favorite. She’s the last one of my parent’s children (hopefully). She is seven and a little demon at times, but I love her. Ever since I was twelve I began taking care of her. My parents would both work during the weekend and I was left to babysit. I remember singing to her so that she would sleep during the day, giving her bottles, feeding her ect. I was like a second parent to her and it was hard because I was a kid myself. But I don’t regret any of it. When I was younger I hated it because I gave up my weekends to hang out with friends and what not. But it’s made me into a better person. It’s made me motherly and caring. I actually adore kids and they love me. Maybe, it’s also the reason why I want to be a teacher.

Now that I’m older, Angie looks up to me. I still take care of her some times. It’s not like it used to be. But we still have fun. She’s so strange and like I said, a little demon. She’s also very intelligent. Probably the brightest of us all in that age.

Next oldest is April, who is my least favorite. We are just on opposite sides of the spectrum. She’s thirteen and is a completely alien from me. You know that phrase, girls are from Venus and boys are from Mars? – she’s like that. April is on an entirely different planet. We’ve never gotten along. Even when we were young. She would always scratch and pinch me. I would tell my parents but they wouldn’t believe me. They always thought she was an angel. THEY WERE WRONG. They see her true nature now. Sometimes, I think that they wish they would have listened to me. Even though we don’t get along much or the fact that I very much dislike her…I know that deep down inside if something were to happen to her I’d be utterly devastated. There was one instant a few months ago where we didn’t know where she was and panic took hold. I was fine for the first two hours and then I broke down. I was angry that I felt that way and was cursing a storm. When we found her I yelled at her for not telling anyone where she was going. It was past curfew and almost midnight. April, in turn, thought the entire thing was hilarious.

She is such a pain.

Lastly, there’s my brother Ivan. He’s seventeen and closest to me in age. When we were younger we were really close. We shared a room together and played Pokemon, even though I was incredibly terrible at it. But as we got older we grew apart. We’re still kinda of close, but he is a teenage boy, which comes with the territory of being a complete jackass. He’s also a smartass and conceited! I’ve caught him a few times checking himself out in the mirror thinking he’s the hottest thing since….well since EVER. All teenage boys are like that though, right? I remember in high school where I had a good guy friend. He was really intelligent and attractive. I made a comment that he was losing muscle tone and his ego actually deflated. I do that all the time to my brother so that his head doesn’t get any bigger than necessary.

We may not always get a long but I love each and every single one of them. They are my family and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for them. Hope you enjoyed that picture of Angie and Me. Scary, isn’t she?

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  1. Nice to learn about your family. Younger siblings can be fun – but it can also feel like they “steal the show” because they are the youngest. My brothers and I used to beat the crap out of each other as kids. Now that we’re all “grown ups”, they are the best friends I’ve ever had. 😉

    • You guys rough housed?! What did your parents say? My mom hates it when we do that cause we might go to far and hurt each other. No fun.

      • My mom worked a lot, so we were home with our stepfather – who didn’t much care so long as we didn’t draw blood. When my mom was home, however, her favorite punishment was to make us hold hands on the stairs for a half-hour. She always told us that one day we’d be best friends, but we denied it. Until, that is, it actually happened. 😉

      • I love your mom’s idea of punishment xD and that’s really sweet! Your family are always the people you can trust the most 🙂

  2. *sigh*
    I was thinking of taking this challenge up, but my life is so boring compared to yours. I’ve always wanted a brother! (I’m an only child D:)
    I love this post. And Angie is so cute! ♥

    • Thanks Remy! 🙂 You should totally do this blog challenge! It’ll keep your blog updated everyday! And my life is not lively whatsoever. Tis dull. I shall tell Angie that you said she was cute. I’m sure she’d like that :))

  3. Aww Emma! That was such a sweet post! Talk about insight as well; I never knew you had 3 other siblings! Angie sounds freaking adorable though and April seriously sounds like a handful LOL All you girlys have like “A” first names eh? & Ivan, oh Ivan LOL What teenage girl are you prepping yourself up for? ;D LOL


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