30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 17

Something you’re proud of. Image35

I’m really proud of the first story I ever wrote and finished when I was seventeen. In all honesty, it took me about two years to finish the story. I just got this idea and after the first few chapters I didn’t know where to go so I left it abandoned.

I remember vividly when and where the story began. It was the first day of sophomore year and I was sitting on the bleachers in gym class, bored out of my mind. I didn’t know anyone so I grabbed my notebook and pen and started writing. Before I knew it I had written the first chapter. The rest of the day, the story remained in my head until I went home and wrote some more of it. I must have written twenty pages with only the first four chapters done.

But like I said, once I came to a bump on the road I left and didn’t return to the story until my senior year of high school. One of my friend’s (let’s call him, Alex) knew that I loved reading and writing. He told me about a site his sister used to put her stories online and thought it’d be something I liked. So I checked it out that night and I did like it. I loved it. It was the second time I had put the story online after I tried it on a different website. The site is called Wattpad and people could vote, comment, and even become your fan if they liked your story. I didn’t have many fans, but people like the story, which made me happy. It’s all what any aspiring writer wants. People who genuinely like your work.

The last chapter of the story was posted last summer on the site and I entered it in Wattpad’s Annually Watty Awards. Four stories are then divided into 3 subcategories under one genre. For example, I entered mine under Fantasy, and after they were sorted and placed based on comments and votes – it was then filed under Undisovered.

Never did I imagine that it would even get passed the first round, to actually have my story showcased. There must have been hundreds of entries and mine was one of the few chosen. I was up against three other stories that had vast number of reads greater than mine. I didn’t even expect to win.

But guess what?

I did.

My story, Escaping Death, won under the category of Undiscovered Fantasy.

Looking back on it, I don’t even know how I won. It’s horribly written. Horrible, I tell you. I physically cringe just reading it all. Some day I even plan to re-write it.  It’s my baby. The first story I ever wrote and finished. But I’m proud of it because of it’s popularity (if I could even say that) and because I got through it. Also, in some aspects, it was like closing a chapter of my life.

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  1. Certainly something to take pride in.

  2. Woo HOO!!! Congratulations! That makes a great accomplishment to put in your writing CV– especially when submitting to literary magazines and perhaps someday an agent!

    • Really?? I didn’t know that! But then again…I don’t know much about the whole venturing-out-to-publishing thing xD

  3. I’M proud of you Emma for being able to finish the story! & as the extra on top – you even won the wattys :)! EPPS! I seriously have to read ED when I have time! Might do it secretly on my phone and then vote when I’m on the computer x)


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