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First of, I want to say….err…write  that Beth Revis is definitely one of my favorite authors. I first came upon her first novel, Across the Universe, at my local library. I loved going there ever since I discovered my passion for reading. AtU was among one of the books littering the small YA section and I grabbed it because the title caught my attention. It didn’t take much time for me to fall in love with it’s beautiful cover. Add it’s enticing and mysterious synopsis and I was hooked.

Here is the synopsis for Across the Universe. I am telling you that you’ll be drawn just as I was to read it.


Amy is a cryogenically frozen passenger aboard the spaceship Godspeed. She has left her boyfriend, friends–and planet–behind to join her parents as a member of Project Ark Ship. Amy and her parents believe they will wake on a new planet, Centauri-Earth, three hundred years in the future. But fifty years before Godspeed’s scheduled landing, cryo chamber 42 is mysteriously unplugged, and Amy is violently woken from her frozen slumber.

Someone tried to murder her.

Now, Amy is caught inside an enclosed world where nothing makes sense. Godspeed’s 2,312 passengers have forfeited all control to Eldest, a tyrannical and frightening leader. And Elder, Eldest’s rebellious teenage heir, is both fascinated with Amy and eager to discover whether he has what it takes to lead.

Amy desperately wants to trust Elder. But should she put her faith in a boy who has never seen life outside the ship’s cold metal walls? All Amy knows is that she and Elder must race to unlock Godspeed’s hidden secrets before whoever woke her tries to kill again.

It was new and riveting that I grabbed the book and checked it out. I read the book in two days. It was that good. Wait, it was better than good. It was AMAZING. I was completely enthralled by the world within the ship’s walls that Revis created. It was unique and beautifully done. When I finished I couldn’t wait until the sequel was published. But it was just my luck that I had to wait an entire year for it. The year, of course, passed by rather quickly and before I knew it I had checked out A Million Sun’s, the sequel to AtU. I devoured the second book as well and I shouldn’t have because then I’d be waiting another year to continue reading more of Amy and Elder’s adventures!

For the second book I definitely reviewed it on Goodreads. It’s not one of my best reviews. It’s pretty short, but I had written it that night when I finally finished. My mind was all over the place unable to let go of what I had just read.

Anyways, why am I telling you about my journey in finding Beth Revis’ wonderful books? Because I WANT YOU TO READ THEM TOO! They are utterly amazing and captivating. You’ll become a fan, just like me, where I’m at the point of using the terms that Beth has created.

For example, instead of saying the F-bomb, Beth has given us the alternative of saying frex. I say it all the time. Especially in my tweets on twitter. I also say shite, instead of sh**. Oh! And then instead of saying the Lord’s name in vain, I say, oh my stars. It works rather well, right? I think it does! And if you are anything like me I dislike cursing unless I’m angry….then I just curse like sailor.

One last reason (among countless of others) why I love Beth Revis’ books is because they are different than what I normally read. It’s categorized under Sci-Fi YA and I’ve never read another YA book under that genre. I never even expected to love the books as much as I do now. But I do love them because Revis weaves a world unlike any other I’ve read. You have a story set in the future, where the characters are on board a ship to a new planet. The ship itself is riddled with secrets waiting to be unraveled. That’s one of the many things that drive the story, making me as the reader, devour the pages until the end, where I was left wanting more.

Any book that makes me feel that way are keepers and Beth Revis’ series is definitely one of those. It’s why I’m such an ultimate fan. I absolutely love, love, LOVE the wonderful world she’s created with us.

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