30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 21

Your favorite subject to study and why.

I’m going to keep it brief as I have a pounding headache and I don’t know why 😐 I haven’t done anything all day! Maybe that’s why. Its my body punishing me for being lazy. But c’mon. I’m always busy…..okay now I sound a little delirious…

One of my absolute favorite subjects to study besides literature has to be history. There will always be history to study just as there is always going to be books to be read. The two subjects go hand in hand, in my opinion. Without history, people would not understand the foundation to the setting within a novel. Writers utilize the political strife going on around them at the time in order to make a statement, unpopular or otherwise. Take for example, The Great Gatsby and A Tale of Two Cities. Fitzgerald writes about unrequited love set during the prohibition era, molding his characters to the time and its beliefs. Dickens depicts the plight from the French working class against the French aristocracy during the early years of the revolution.

Both novels are historical fiction – which is one of my favorite genres. When authors write novels that are strictly centered around a time period it most often parallels that specific time. What they writing is more easily understood and can be analyzed to what people thought or felt during that time. For me, it makes history relatable. I love being able to put this puzzle (because it’s the way I see it) together.

History is every day. Without understanding past events we will never be able to comprehend the future. It’s a never ending cycle of new found territory and parallel situations. It’s written down in order to be recorded and read and synthesized for future generations. There’s no limitation.

I want to be able to learn all I can about the world. I want to be shocked beyond belief from my findings. I remember a few months ago I was aimlessly wandering the internet and started reading about the Hiroshima bombings. I can’t tell you how I ended up reading about the tragic event, but I did. What was shocking and disturbing for me was when I found out that we – America – were responsible for the horrific nuclear bombing. It was something that I never learned about in school, and realized that we tend to disclose the bad things we’ve done to other countries. It made me unbelievably sad that I started to cry because no one should ever have to live through something as horrific as a nuclear bombing. That event had repercussions for generations to come afterwards because of the radioactive on the land.

My point is that there are innumerable amounts of history to be learned and read. I never want to stop studying the vast ocean that history surrounds us every day. And by reading, by analyzing text, I will be able to do just that.

Did I sound okay? I feel like I make no sense whatsoever. I sincerely apologize for that!

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  1. You did well. Get some sleep and get better. 🙂

  2. Oh my god, you sound so worldly LOL I don’t mind history too much, just don’t like reading about the bloodshed just because I can’t stand to believe humans are capable of such actions 😦


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