30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 22

Happy Merry Christmas Eve guise! I hope that you guys are having a wonderful evening full of hot chocolate and gingerbread cookies! I had to work today, but it was alright. You’d think that the store would have been empty, but that wasn’t the case. The good thing about working was that I got to stuff my face because we had a potluck! 😀 Anyways, I am currently in tears because my favorite BBC show, Merlin, has come to an end. It was the PERFECT ending for the series, but I’m sad that it’s over. I should not be crying on Christmas Eve, right? This is the life I signed up for though. The life of a fangirl.

Anyways….sorry for yappying away like an annoying chihuahua. On to today’s challenge!

How have you changed in the last 2 years.

I’ll do physical changes first since that’s apparent. I’ve gotten fatter. No joke. I was very athletic in high school and I went up a pant size. No bueno. I need to exercise more and eat healthier. But it’s so hard when I work at the mall and I eat out like every time I work. It’s bad. I have made myself a promise that I will commence my Zumba classes once the new year starts and pledge a NO-DRININKING-SODA diet. I’ll even try to eat all my veggies. Though that might kill me.

Emotionally, I’ve gotten a lot stronger than I once was. I don’t cry about my own problems as I used to. It takes a lot for me to break down and hurt me to the point that I’d cry for a long time. I only cry when it concerns others because I’m very compassionate. I feel things as if they were happening to me, which is why I’m so emotionally invested in shows and in books. But when it comes to my own personal dilemmas – you won’t see me break down unless it strikes a hard chord.

Much of that has to do with the arguments that my parents started having a year ago. At first, it really bothered me and I would cry when they’d fight. I so badly wanted to fix their problems that I hated not being able to do anything. I later had to learn the hard truth; I couldn’t fix it. I couldn’t just get glue and mend the fractures in their relationship. I was bitter for a long time, part of me still is. A part of me doesn’t believe in happy endings. I’ve always wanted to find a love like my parents, you know? They never fought ever and the only time they did was about money because there was never enough to fully support the household. But other than that it was great….until last year when everything just began to fall apart.

But then there is the other side of me that still believes in true love. I know that no relationship is perfect. But in the end, the two people always find a way to patch things up. That’s what I want in the future. I want to always be able to work things out instead of just giving up like they have.

Ahhh okay, I went off on a tangent there. Moving on –>

I’ve become a full-time fangirl. I’ve gotten a job, which has given me more responsibility than I’ve ever had. I’ve started college and been getting straight A’s! I got a B in my Educational Psych class this semester, which sucked. But I shall try harder in the Spring! My passion for doing well in school has definitely improved since high school. My work ethic has definitely kicked into overdrive since high school. Not a bad thing. But it’s the reason why I have no social life. That and my obsession with t.v. shows and books.

To sum it up, in the last two years I have drastically changed from the little, hopelessly romantic girl I used to be. I’m more of a realist, but haven’t lost my complete faith in love. I’m also a hard worker, still reaching for my dreams that are written in the stars.


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  1. B is a great grade, what are you talking about! You are not asian, B does not mean “Better work harder to get an A”

  2. ARG gingerbread. Hate that stuff LOL I actually don’t mind it RIGHT when it’s literally right out of the oven and still soft. After that, arg x( defs not a cookie I’ll request for.

    B is a great grade! Regardless if you’re an asian or not LOL Stupid over achievers haha -__-“


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