30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 30

Your goals for the next 30 days.

Ello! Last blog post for the challenge! Yay! AND…It’s the NEW YEAR! Finally, right? Last night it felt like I was the only one still not reigning in the new year. Towards the end of the night Ray and I were almost crashing because we’d been up super early to get ready for a wedding yesterday afternoon. But we stayed up watching youtube videos. Well, I made her watch them with me because she was going to sleep 20 minutes before midnight.

Alrighty. Sorry for my yapping. I tend to do that a lot 😛

My goals for the next 30 days is to buy a bike, – so I can exercise more – work extra hard once school starts in two weeks, and to write, write, write. I’ve been very negligent with my writing lately. Part of it is because I am a lazy bum and I’d rather be reading (which isn’t bad) but I can’t improve if I don’t practice. I want to grow. I want to find my voice and writing style within my work. It’s what any aspiring writer can hope for.

Ray and I have set our goal to lose at least thirty pounds this year. It’s going to be so hard because FOOD IS DELICIOUS. But if I start exercising again then it would balance of what I eat. Sorta. Gah. I need to eat healthier. Tis hard when I love burgers.

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  1. Food IS delicious.

    Good luck with your goals! I’ve loved reading your 30 Day Blog Challenge!


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