Book Review: Eve & Adam by Michael Grant & Katherine Applegate

Author: Michael Grant & Katherine Applegate

Publisher: Feiwel and Friends

Release date: October 2, 2012

Rating: 4.5 stars – I REALLY REALLY ENJOYED IT!

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In the beginning, there was an apple.

And then there was a car crash, a horrible debilitating injury, and a hospital. But before Evening Spiker could regain consciousness, there was a strange boy checkering her out of the hospital and rushing her to Spiker Biopharmaceuticals, her mother’s research facility. Once there, Eve has to heal, and cope with an eerie isolation only interrupted by her overbearing mother, a strange group of doctors, and the mysterious boy who brought her there.

Just when Eve thinks she will die – not from her injuries, but boredom 0 her mother giver her a special project: Create the perfect boy.

Using an amazingly detailed simulation that is designed to teach human genetics, Eve starts building a boy from the ground up: eyes, hair, muscles, even a brain, and potential personality traits. Eve is creating Adam. And he will be just perfect…won’t he?


Riveting. Engaging. Amazingly written.

I was honestly hooked from the very first lines of the book. The authors waste no time putting us right in the middle of the jeering accident and what is going through Evening Spiker’s mind as it all happens. She’s barely coherent, trying to process the accident and her surrounds. It’s quite REAL in the sense that nothing is flourished with “pretty” writing. Eve’s thoughts seep through the page in ways that kept me readily engaged with the story. It almost seemed like I was there, watching everything through her eyes.

I haven’t read too many sci-fi books, but this definitely has won a special place in my heart of favorite books. It’s entirely different from what I normally read. In sci-fi anything is possible. With that kind of mind set and world ideology, Eve is able to create a boy; a project that her mother set her to do while she stays at Spiker Bio. It’s only supposed to be a project, right?


At this part of the story, I was totally cut off guard. I honestly didn’t think that he’d be REAL. Okay, so maybe some part of me suspected it.

But this book isn’t all about Eve creating the perfect boy. That plot line is in a sense a sub-plot to the deep secrets that are part of Spiker Bio. With the help of Solo (the boy who takes her to Spiker Bi0) , Eve finds out the startling truth that is a part of her, and also the circumstances of what really happened to her father.

There is a little bit of everything for everyone in this book. There is a strong female protagonist who has a little bit of sass and is wholly realistic. I loved how she has internal battles with herself. It makes her relatable and the thoughts that run through her mind are things that we (as the reader) would question as we read. For the record, I really like that about Solo too. He has his share of p.o.v’s in the book, and it definitely made me love him. He was such a guy. There is also some mystery, heart-pounding action, a dash of romance that would certainly make anyone fall head over heels over Eve & Adam.

I applaud both Michael and Katherine for their beautifully written novel. It was a captivating read that wouldn’t let me set it down. Even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t stop reading it unless I was crashing from lack of sleep. The ending had me grinning from ear to ear because it was as perfect as it could be.

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  1. A man and woman writing team. Seems viable. Yin and yang of a story. I’ve put this one on my list. Thanks.

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