Book Review: Branded (Fall of Angels #1) by Keary Taylor

Author: Keary Taylor

Publisher: K&T Publishing

Release date: Feburary 23, 2010

Rating: 3 stars – IT WAS GOOD!

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Jessica’s had the nightmares for as long as she can remember. Nightmares of being judged for people who have died, of being branded by the angels. Her friends and family think she’s a crazy because of it all. Yet she carries the mark of the condemned, seared into the back of her neck, and hides it and herself away from the world.

But when two men she can’t ignore enter her life everything changes, including the nightmares. The two of them couldn’t be more different. She will do anything to be with one of them. Even tell him the truth about angels, why she never sleeps, and the scar on the back of her neck. But one of the two has set events into motion that will pull her toward her own judgment and turn her into the object of her greatest fear.


Jessica Bailey is plagued with vivid dreams of condemned and exalted angels as she stands trials for people who have died. She has had the nightmares since she was a little girl and has had the unimaginable fear of angels of all kinds. Her fear comes from her dreams as she hears their distant manical laughter whenever she so much as lays an eye or is around statues of cherubs or stone angels. But then things start to change as Alex and Cole come into her life. Alex gives Jessica a sense of safety, warmth, and understanding – things that she has never known. While Cole is the polar opposite, giving off an air of attraction, wariness, and distant familiarity. He has an agenda that may very well lead to Jessica’s own death and trial in front of the beings she has feared since she was young.

This was a really nice and easy read for me. I’ve been reading it for the past week on my kindle app on my iPod and it has kept me company on nights where the lights need to be off. It’s a different twist to the whole angel genre. The angels that are integrated into Branded are beings of immense power who judge the souls of the dead based on their deeds in life. If they lead a good life they are exalted into heaven and granted blue eyes and wings. Those who lead a bad life were condemned; given a branding of an X on their back and black eyes. Jessica has had to live years with standing in place of trials for those souls. With that said she has the branding of an X on her neck and wings – that appear to be an extreme tattoo. No one has every understood her, thinking that she was mentally ill. So much so that her own mother wanted to send her away to an institution.

Even though Jessica has had a hard life it has not ruined who she is. She tries to be normal – as normal as she can. And for me that shows unbelievable strength. When Alex enters her life it is the sweetest thing EVER. He is the embodiment of good and understanding. Jessica trusts him enough to even tell him her secret. But then there is Cole who just reeks of…well, like something is entirely wrong with him. Which there is. It’s pretty obvious and predictable who he really is once he shows up.

On that same page, the entire book was pretty predictable. Don’t get me wrong, it was good, but I like being shocked and on the edge of my seat. The other thing about the story was that it was also very redundant. The author seems to reiterate a lot of what is happening more than once – sometimes about three times in the same chapter. But it wasn’t all bad. I kept reading because I liked the tone and voice isn’t that the same thing of the story. It definitely kept me enthralled and if it hadn’t I wouldn’t have kept reading.

Oh! And I also really liked the contrast between light and dark. That element was nicely portrayed in this book.

So if your looking for a different spin on angels then this is definitely a book you should check out! Give it a try and crack it open. It’s really great for those long nights and restless thoughts. Plus, it’s FREE on Amazon 🙂


Next up I will be reviewing Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi.

Thoughts? SO GOOD.


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