I Am Writing…

It’s been months, since December to be exact, that I haven’t written a single word of any of my stories. I feel sad, disappointed, and even a little lost. For years I have found that writing is my coping mechanism. It’s what I turn to whenever I need to fully express myself in ways that I can’t do verbally. The last few days have been terrible, sleeping wise. I haven’t been able to get a good nights sleep in about two weeks and I don’t know what to do. I’ve written in my journal and wrote a bit in there. I’ve stayed up reading on my Kindle, which lulls me to sleep most of the time.

But something is still wrong.

I want to say that the reason is because I haven’t worked on my WIP’s. I’ve left them abandoned and only one has been calling out to me, wanting to be written down. But then, something else happened. On Tuesday I started my spring semester and while in my Sociology class I started writing a little snippet of something…something new.

I don’t know if I should pursue it. I honestly don’t even know where I’d start. It was just a few sentences and started with a fire and a battle. But then that sounds reminiscent of a cliche start to a fantasy novel, right? Ahhh…I don’t know.

Plus, it’d be totally horrible of me to just drop my current works in light of a new idea. Right? Help me out here guys. What should I do?

Oh! And in case you were wondering what I’m writing this instant…I’m working on the next chapter to The Curse of Oak Isle. If your interested just click here to read the first five chapters that are up.

Thank you for reading my incessant ramblings/musings. I’ll be back again. I’m sure 😛

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  1. Emma! 😀
    Never fear, I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about. And, although my opinion would be an unpopular one among readers, I recommend you try this new project. Keep those WIP’s “still in progress” or “on hold” and go on with this new whim of yours. If you’re writing just to keep your readers happy, well, it’ll show. Your writing won’t be as good compared to your pouring your heart and soul into a piece, y’know?
    Anyway, that’s just my opinion. Good luck in making decisions writing-wise! ♥

  2. minisculegiants

     /  January 24, 2013

    Don’t give up! And don’t be afraid to start a new project. It may be just what you need to get the creative juices flowing again.

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  4. I really admire that you make the time for writing in addition to being a student. Having to choose between writing projects in your limited time available must be doubly hard!

    I say, pursue where the fire is hot. If one comes easier than the other right now, might as well go with the one that will help you get it from head to paper faster! Otherwise, make a note of it and come back. I have sprawling documents full of fragments and story ideas 😉

  5. I don’t have any great advice to give you, but I will say this:

    I don’t think the desire to write will ever leave you. You may squash it down if you get busy with other things, but it’ll still be there… waiting. It may come and go in cycles, like the weather or the seasons, but it’ll still be there.

    You’re a writer. 🙂


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