Book Review: The Sire by M.S. Fowle

Author: M.S. Fowle

Publisher: M.S. Fowle

Release date: January 18, 2013

Rating: 5 stars – I REALLY LOVED IT!

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Enter a realm of magick mirroring Europe in the late 1930s, locked in a repressive government where a girl struggles to see beyond prejudice and a boy has lost faith in humanity.

The era jives with jazz and swing, war divides the land and its people, and the Monarch seeks any with the gifts of magick: the Mages. Fifteen-year-old Claire Royce hates magick, but not as much as her ruthless king’s war. As fate would have it, she ends up stuck in the company of a powerful young Mage, Walter Tully. And when they learn the Monarch is searching for The Sire, the creator of all magick, they know someone must stop him. But are they really up to the task?


I have been itching to finish this new indie YA novel by our very own M.S. Fowle. It has kept me company on long, sleepless nights and the past two Friday’s where my dad has been an hour late to pick me up from work.


I honestly adored this novel! Fowle captures the epitome of ripe adolescence so perfectly in both Claire Royce and Walter Tully. I was reminded of being young, quick minded, and how it feels to gradually start falling for someone. Not that it happens or anything like that…*slowly backs away*

Within the first pages of the novel, Fowle throws us into the heat of heart-racing action. Claire is on her way home when she sees the Royals (the Monarch’s Mage police force) chasing a boy. Quickly, Claire intervenes and saves the boy’s life. Claire in turn is thrust into his world of magic when Walter uses his powers to escape. Walter takes Claire with him and whisks her away to his home, a cabin in the woods.

It’s there that we (as the reader) delve into who Claire and Walter are. We learn that Claire lost her parents at a young age, while Walter’s shunned him for what he was. Claire is clouded with prejudice, while Walter wants Claire to see that not all magic is bad. Fowle contrasts both the protagonists’ emotions very well, but also instills us with insight and a deep understanding of where preconceive notions begin. I found this aspect of the novel provocative and beautiful.

Another thing that I love about M.S. Fowle’s writing are her creative and unique stories. The Sire does not disappoint in that area. Here is a world, set during the 1930’s in Europe, where magic is known and people are genuinely afraid of it. Why? They fear it because of the Monarch’s abuse of magic, using it to instill fear to his country. I honestly have never read a book where magic is widely known to the population and for that it gets extra brownie points in my book.

Finally, let’s talk about the ending, which I did not see coming at all. Fowle threw a massive curve ball and I completely messed it by a long shot. I had my own prediction on who the Sire might be, but I was entirely wrong. I liked that I was wrong because who it is makes the story ten times more enjoyable and amazing!

This book was just….so lovely. It was an easy and fast-paced short story, where I completely consumed it in the times I physically just sat down to read it. There’s a little bit of everything in this novel like action, suspension, mystery, and a sprinkle of romance. I became utterly lost within Fowle’s world and characters that I just…didn’t want the story to end. I don’t know if M.S. Fowle tends to continue this refreshing, new YA novel into a series, but if she does I will be sure to nab myself a copy of the sequel!

On a final note, I received an ebook copy of this novel as part of M.S. Fowle’s cover reveal of The Sire. In no way or form did it influence my rating for the novel itself.

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  1. 😉 I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Emma! Thank you so much! I really need this! 😀

    • Your welcome, Mel! 🙂 I hope everything is going well now! I seriously loved, The Sire! I might have to send you a request for an author interview soon! 😀

  1. Coming This Weekend « M.S. Fowle

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