Dracian Legacy Blog Tour Stop: Character Interview + Giveaway!

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Hello everyone! Today on the blog we have some very special guests that have stopped by to grace us with their presence. Give a warm welcome to Pey and Axel from The Dracian Legacy! I will be handing over the stage to the lovely Pey as she interviews our dashing, Axel Knight.

Pey: Thank you Emma. *turns toward Axel* So what’s going on with you Axel. Now that you took my best friend away from me to some far off god-knows-what-kinda-horrid-things-can-happen place.

Axel: *looks around nervously and tugs on his sleeve* ah…

Pey: That’s all your going to give me.

Axel: *laughs* Maybe we should call Ren. She could explain.

Pey: *rolls her eyes* You are so whipped my boy. Relax. I won’t bite…much. So, tell me when did you realize that you loved Ren?

Axel: The night I literally bumped into her at the cemetery.  *gives a boyish smile* She was so… Ren. You know…? She was shy and blushing one second, then tried to intimidate me… it was all too cute not to fall for her…

Pey: And you’ve never felt this way about any other girl?

Axel: *chuckles nodding* That’s a given.

Pey:  Aww that’s so sweet. Is that the reason you decided to tell her your secret. Weren’t you afraid of the risks?

Axel: In a way, yes. But more than that I wanted her to accept me for me and build a relationship, even if it was just friendship on that basic truth. And as for risks, I feared it, I still do. But really sometimes higher stakes brings us the best rewards. And it did. Besides, I always knew she was special… I just didn’t know how special she was.

Pey: Yep. That’s my girl. She has to be pretty special to have two guys pinning for her.

Axel: *stiffens* Dean’s no competition.

Pey: You sound pretty confident.

Axel:  *nods* Without a doubt. Ren and I are meant to be and nothing nor no one can change that…

*buzzer sounds*

Pey: Well, that looks like all the time we have. Thank you Axel for letting me interview you. I’m glad Re-Re has you looking out for her.  *turns to Emma* Thank you Emma, for letting us take over your blog for a day! We should totally hang out.

Axel: Yes. Thank you Emma.

*gushes* No, thank you both for being here today! And I’ll definitely take you up on your offer to hang out sometime soon, yeah? *Pey nods, smiles*

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  1. Ahahah! That Pey!
    I loved how she called him out!


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