Cover Reveal: Trust by Devyn Dawson

The lovely Devyn Dawson, author of various indie YA novels, has a brand new series coming out this summer! When I saw her announcement on FB last night, I just had to ask if I could be a part of her cover reveal and she said…..YES!

So, without further ado…I bring you Trust, which will be released in the summer of 2013.

With Title tRUST OWNED_edited-1


Trust lost her eyesight when she ten years old.  Coming from a long line of seers, the family knew their legacy would live through their daughter.  Yesterday was her seventeeth birthday, only one year left before she will serve the Seelie Court for the rest of her life.  Her pleas to her family to visit the human world have been ignored with pats on the hand and outright laughter.  
She convinces her guardian, Foster, to take her into the human realm, just one time.  When a seer steps to the other side of the shimmer, their eyesight comes back, but not completely.  All guys look the same to her eyes, all girls look the same too.  Warren is the first human she’s ever met, he’s beautiful in every way on the inside.  Foster tells her the boy isn’t attractive and looks sickly.  Not to Trust, he’s amazing and she doesn’t want to lose his friendship.  She’s decided she no longer wants to return home.  Foster’s job is on the chopping block if he doesn’t return the first seer in a hundred years. Will he return her to fulfill the prophecy, or will he be a risk taker for once in his life?
Young Adult 14+
So….what do you guys think of the cover? Like it? Hate it? What about the summery? Does it draw you in? I’ll tell you guys what – I  really like the cover. The model is gorgeous and I love the entire vibe it gives off. Like who she is as a person; calm, serene, sweet. The synopsis is also what drew me in. I like originality and Devyn never disappoints in that department. I’m really excited to see where the idea of the story goes! Plus, I’m a sucker for forbidden romance. By the looks of it… might be a love triangle. Possibly…? I’m already getting way ahead of myself. I need to put on the brakes!

For future updates be sure to follow one of the many social media platforms Devyn inhabits!


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Thoughts? Leave them in the comments below! I would love to see what you all think of Devyn Dawson’s new Wisdom series!

Until next time,


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