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Hello everyone! I have the incredible honor to bring to you another stop on the Infernal Machines blog tour! So without further ado, I will let Mr. Will Millar take the reigns!

Before I jump out the gate here, I’d like to take a moment to thank Ms. Snow for a couple of reasons – first and foremost, for allowing me to come on over and hijack her blog for a little while, and secondly, for suggesting the idea for an Infernal Machines soundtrack. This has to be my favorite topic so far on this tour as it allows me to wax on 3 of my favorite subjects in one fell swoop; these being Horror, Heavy Metal and the 1980s.
For those of you who don’t know, Infernal Machines takes place over the course of about 17 years, with the original events occurring between 1969-70, and the epilogue unfolding just before Christmas of 1985. While putting together this playlist, I tried as hard as I could to find music that fit that timeframe, with a few exceptions that I threw in simply because they felt right for the characters/story.
Paulie, Stoner and Dee are the heroes of Infernal Machines. As a trio of misfit teenagers who can’t seem to go more than 24 hours without getting into serious trouble, they’re about as unlikely to fit the hero mold as anybody. They’re also unrepentant Metalheads, as a lot of disenfranchised kids are, as I was, and still am today. The following list is meant to complement our heroes as well as the story, and should be played as loudly as possible, as often as possible.

#1 – “One Track Mind” by Motorhead

Here’s something you should know about me: If you ever ask me to do a playlist about anything – whether it’s scoring my own horror story or putting together a soundtrack for compilation videos of little girls holding hands while skipping across a field of daisies and carrying baskets full of kittens – I’m going to figure out a way to put Lemmy and the gang from Motorhead into the mix. I just am. But here, they feel like a great way to kick off things legitimately. This is a great, bluesy, moody track that showcases Motorhead’s more sophisticated chops, and I feel like it manages to underscore the dreamy sense of building menace that I was aiming for in the prologue.

#2 – “Possessed to Skate” by Suicidal Tendencies

While this song came out in 1987, it seems to capture perfectly the essence of Paulie and Stoner; who while never meaning to cause trouble, are almost genetically bred for chaos and mayhem. Also, the video is pure 80s madness, and as an added bonus, features none other than Timothy Leary playing the role of the Dad.

#3 – “It’s My Life” by Wendy O. Williams and the Plasmatics

Another great 80s song and video. Whereas Paulie is the Heart of Infernal Machines and Stoner is the Brains, ironically Dee is the Balls. Dee Foster doesn’t take shit from anybody – be it the neighborhood bullies, the various terrors that take over Chapel Harbor or even her own mother, Dee stands her ground with a fearlessness that borders on ferocity. Wendy O. Williams manages to embody Dee’s spirit perfectly, and “It’s My Life” is catchy as all hell, to boot.

#4 – “Seek and Destroy” by Metallica

At the center of Infernal Machines is a question about how far you can stare into the face of the Devil without letting the experience change you. The fact that our heroes are kids doesn’t diminish the scale of violence and terror that they are forced to endure, and when they finally do fight back, they do so without holding back one bit. The result is a big gory mess, and to be honest I’ve taken my fair share of criticism for it. All I can say is that the violence depicted in the story was never written for the sake of simply being lurid – I was trying to tell the truth, is all.
Metallica’s 1st album was also a big bloody horror in its own way, and “Seek and Destroy” is arguably the best track on the record. It’s also a pretty fair representation of the bloodshed that occurs in the 2nd half of the book.

#5 “Suit and Tie Guy” by D.R.I.

This is the other song that came out after the end of Infernal Machines, but I had to include it for a couple of reasons. For one thing, D.R.I. is another “Paulie and Stoner” band. When you get to know them as well as I do, you just get a feel for the sort of stuff that they’re into. Also, (no spoilers here) the villains in Infernal Machines are, on the surface at least, quite respectable people. They are “pillars of the community” so to speak, and manage to maintain that veneer almost all the way up to the very last, and by then it no longer matters.
So, if you take nothing else away from the story, just remember to beware the “Suit and Tie Guy.”

#6 “Number of the Beast” by Iron Maiden

This is quite possibly the quintessential Infernal Machines theme song. Flip open to pretty much any page in the book, crank the hell out of this song and start reading. You’ll see for yourself. It also has to be one of my all-time favorite music videos, and it exemplifies everything that was awesome about the early 1980s.
So there you have it – the semi-official soundtrack to Infernal Machines. Thanks again to Emma Snow for giving me the chance to do this today. I really hope that this gives you guys – the readers – a whole new way to enjoy reading the book. If so, by all means let me know. Cheers!

Infernal Machines

Infernal Machines Book CoverPaulie and Stoner aren’t bad seeds; they’re just a little too smart for their own good. They stole their first car in kindergarten, and as for the homemade rocket launcher in Stoner’s garage … well, it’s best just not to ask.

With 9th grade just around the corner, Paulie and Stoner find themselves on the wrong side of some real bad kids, an older band of white supremacists that go by the name of “Twisted Cross.” When a rumble at a high school keg party turns fatal, it sets off a chain of events that test the limits of Paulie and Stoner’s friendship, and their very sanity.

Welcome to Chapel Harbor, a town where everybody buries their secrets deep, and nobody is quite who they seem. A town where the ghost of a serial killer known as The Junkman is rumored to stalk the woods at night, and where an unassuming magic shop and its mysterious proprietor, Arthur Cardiff, may possess the key to an ancient and terrible evil.

Packed with hairpin turns and twists that will keep you guessing until the very last page, Infernal Machines is a blood drenched, adrenaline fueled, roller-coaster of a horror story that’s at once a paean to the Pulp Horror classics of the early 80’s and a meditation on the enduring power of friendship.

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About Will Millar

Meet Will MillarWill Millar was raised in Commack, a quiet and unassuming town close to the northern shore of Long Island. As a kid, his primary passions were horror and hell-raising. As he tended to cultivate the latter to a greater extent than the former, by the time he was 17 years old, the whole town decided they’d had quite enough of his antics, and would he please just take his act on the road, thank you very much.

He enlisted in the Marine Corps, where his penchant for fire, explosions and general mayhem were tolerated, if not somewhat approved. At this point, Will also discovered the writers of the Beat Generation and began to write more consistently, submitting his less profane poems to underground ‘zines and belting out the more terrible stuff to unsuspecting audiences at various open mike nights throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Throughout the last 15 years, Will has worked as a writer in various mediums, though horror continues to remain his favorite. He sometimes contributes articles to, and his short stories are available in several different anthologies. Infernal Machines is his first novel.

At the present, Will lives in Phoenix AZ. He is a father of four, owns two dogs and has a wonderfully understanding girlfriend, all of whom somehow manage to put up with all of his crap.

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