Barely Breathing

It’s that time of year again where I am suffocating, buried and barely breathing under a pile of homework the size of Mt. Everest. It’s partly my fault – as always – as I am the worst procrastinator on the face of the planet.

Procrastination is like a venous snake, once the poison is in your system its practically impossible to get anything done. The last few weeks of a semester is always the hardest. I’m crawling my way to the last days of the school year, not really caring about my grade. Okay, so that’s a total lie. I do care and it’s killing me knowing that I will probably pass with two B’s and two A’s. That’s not horrible and I may be overreacting, but it’s just me. I push myself to be good or better than good.

Sometimes, I really hate that about myself. Like I’ll be assigned to do 3 pages of an analysis and I’ll end up writing 7. And that’s the reason why I panic. Because when I finish something and I feel it’s inadequate, I generally spend more time on it. Which just plan sucks.

Currently, the things I have to do for school are:

  • 3 page analysis on Environmental and Military Industrial Problems & Social Solutions (roughly 7-10 pages)
  • 2 spreadsheets + reflections for Technology class
  • Emerging technology presentation
  • 12 academic sources for my final English paper
  • Week 5 discussion questions for Classroom Management
  • Education Tool Kit + Presentation

Some of the assignments are easy like the spreadsheets and discussion questions, but they are time consuming, which I detest. I honestly wish that I didn’t have to take technology class. I learned how to use basic Microsoft Office functions when I was 12. The only thing I like about the class is how we create things that I never thought of, which is the point of the class. As a future educator I need to know how to be creative, interactive, and stimulating.

I’m getting that feeling of anxiety and panic just thinking about everything. I’ll be happy when school is over in 3 weeks, where I will presume to do this:

I can’t wait until then. I will be able to read and sleep and only be pulled from my leisure activities when I have to go to work. And I’ll be going on adventures! I’ll possibly be going to Vid Con and Disneyland in August 🙂

But for now I must bear through it all and dig myself out of this whole of procrastination and finish strong.

If I have time this weekend I’ll post 2 reviews and even reveal the WIP I’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks!

P.S. Does anyone have good study music suggestions?

P.S.S. Hope everyone is having a great morning/afternoon/night!

Stay lovely,


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  1. Dearest Emma,
    You are definitely not alone. My entire next week is filled with exams and assignments. This must be what “slowing withering away” means –I just never thought it’d be applicable to me. O_O
    It’s funny, because what you have to do sounds so fun because I don’t have to do it. xD
    – English Exam (Monday; in-class comparative essay for To Kill A Mockingbird/Jasper Jones)
    – Philosophy Oral Speech (Argument presentation, Good Samaritan Laws)
    – IPT Exam (Databases on Microsoft Access)
    …I have more, but I’ll leave it there, because this comment alone is a sign of procrastination. xD


    ^ I have a playlist for this kind of stuff. 😉
    My ultimate song for studying is:

    But different people have different tastes! xD

  2. Bach is cited often by certain researchers interested in the relationship of learning to music since it is thought to activate those centers of the brain that enhance the process of learning. *has read too many neuroscience books lately*

  3. I too have heard classical music is the best to study to.

    Best of luck with school! Try not to go crazy before it’s over. 😉


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