26 Weeks Post Challenge – 5th of May

I was supposed to post this two week and it just completely slipped my mind! How could I? I had been looking forward to this topic, but I was then drowned in a pile of books and papers with no hope of rescue in the distant.

But I want to continue with this challenge. Even if I am a week behind.

The BA Posting Challenge is a weekly bookish meme hosted by Bonnie from Bookish Ardour. To learn more about this bookish challenge click here, which will direct you to more information and weekly topics.

This week’s topic is: Meet and Greet: Who are some of the authors you have met or would love to meet and why?

I’ve had the honor to meet some of my favorite (and discover new) authors this past year. It all started last Fall when I went to the Smart Chicks tour here in Vegas. I met Veronica Roth, Kelly Armstrong, Kimberly Derting, Rachel Caine, Kami Garcia, Melissa Marr and Richelle Mead! It was such an amazing experience! Kimberly Derting gave me some inspiring advice on writing that I immediately took to heart. I’ll be seeing her again in November, which I am so looking forward too! Meeting Rachel Caine, Melissa Marr, and Richelle Mead was like a dream. I’ve loved these authors for years and to have met them face-to-face was extraordinary. I got the chance to talk to them for a couple of minutes and they were just so sweet and humble.

I also met Michelle Hodkin later that same year. Oh, she was so sweet and amazing! She was in town with Ellen Hopkins and I got to talk to Michelle for a long time about her books and characters. I gushed a lot about Noah Shaw. I mean who wouldn’t? I’m hoping that she comes back to Vegas for the release of her final book in her series, The Retribution of Mara Dyer. Here’s to wishing on stars and hoping!

I met Lissa Price a month or two after for promotion of her book Starters, which I still have not read. She was really sweet. I tweeted that I couldn’t wait to meet her and she told me to email her! How cool was that?

Earlier this year I met several authors. I’ve met Tera Lynn Childs (who I’ve met on several occasions since then), Nancy Holder (who I saw at WonderCon again!), Lisa Shroeder, Lindsey Levitt, Martha Brockenbrough, Cat Patrick, Kevin Emerson, and Sean Beaudoin at the YAllapollooza event in February.


I later saw Martha, Cat, Kevin, and Sean at the Yappiest event in Disney again! I’ll have to say that they are my absolute favorite collective group of authors. They remembered me and they are just so sweet and nice and funny. Did I mention that last bit? I’ll be seeing them again in November, where I will try not to fan girl as much. But I probably will because I adore them.

At the Yappiest event I also met Kasie West, Gabrielle Zevin, Carrie Arcos, Shannon Messenger and Jennifer Bosworth. I’ll be seeing both Kasie and Jennifer in November again. This time I’ll be sure to read their books so I can talk to them more! Kasie’s MC in Pivot Point has the same name as me, but it’s written differently which was awesome. I don’t have any pictures of any of them because I was a spaz and forgot to commemorate the memory. Also, my phone was in the hotel charging because I had killed it. That happened a lot that weekend.

Last, but not least, I met Cassandra Clare, Maurren Johnson, and Sarah Rees Brennan in March. I only got to talk to Cassie for like 5 seconds because they place was packed to the brims. I got to talk to MJ and Sarah a bit longer though. Sarah loved my steampunk necklace and even said so in my copy of her book she signed. MJ’s personality is as vibrant and witty in real life as it is on twitter. They were all great!

In the picture below you see a cute boy, Cassie, me, MJ, and Sarah all in one shot! I commend the person who took it. Great camera skills.

Phew. That is a lot of authors.

Authors I wish to meet some day are those whose work I absolutely love with every fiber of my being. I want to have the chance to talk to them about their story and characters. How they were inspired and what advice they give aspiring writers. The questions are endless. Some of my favorite authors I want to meet are:

Veronica Rossi

Beth Revis

Claudia Gray

Meg Cabot

Jay Asher

John Green

Anna Godbersen

Ally Condie

Becca Fitzpatrick

Scott Westerfield

Maggie Stiefvater

Rachel Hawkins

Suzanne Collins

Carrie Ryan

It’s a pretty long list and they authors who I can think of at the top of my head. There are a lot more authors I want to meet, but it’d probably take hours to list them all.

What are some of the author’s you’ve met or want to meet? Let me know in the comments! 🙂



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  1. YOU MET VERONICA ROTH. *faints*

  2. lol, yes I want to faint to from that wonderful list of met authors. Lovely 🙂


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