26 Weeks Posts Challenge: 19th of May

I am finally caught up! I say this is a huge accomplishment on my part. It’s been a little hectic these past few days, but alas, I am officially (since Thursday) done with school!

BA's 26 Posts Challenge for Book BloggersOver the past few weeks I have been a part of  the BA Posting Challenge. It is a weekly bookish meme hosted by Bonnie from Bookish Ardour. To learn more about this bookish challenge click here, which will direct you to more information and weekly topics.

This week’s topic is: Other Loves: What else do you love to talk about besides books, on your blog or off it?

I actually love to talking about my favorite shows such as Doctor Who, Merlin, and Once Upon a Time. Lately, it’s been all about Doctor Who. One of my co-worker’s loves DW so whenever we are on break together we just sit around and talk about the Doctor and his many companions. I have honestly fallen in love with Matt Smith these past few seasons. At first, I wasn’t sure about him. My heart ached and longed for Ten (David Tennant). But I have fallen head over heels and twice over for Eleven.

There is something about him that I adore. He’s quirky, sarcastic, and has amazing facial expressions! I remember watching the return of Doctor Who at Wonder Con in March and having the silliest grin on my face because ASDFJKL Eleven was PERFECTION. I am also loving Jenna Louise-Coleman as Clara. The season finale yesterday had me in tears because it was just so PERFECT.


I still cannot get over my feelings.

I also believe that Eleven and Clara make a great pair. Not romantically. But there is a great friendship between the two. A small part of me ships them together because they are just PERFECT for one another. But then there is River Song. After the finale, there is no doubt in my mind that the Doctor loves River.

I also love talking about movies! This month I’ve gone to see The Great Gatsby and Oblivion. They were both pretty darn amazing. If I really love a movie and someone is talking about it, I will immediately tell them to GO WATCH IT. Then, I go into a rambling tirade of the reasons why it was amazing. I probably will mention these two movies later in my Monthly Favorites post for May.

On my blog, I love talking about all sorts of things. I like being as versatile as possible. There are days when I’m feeling inspiring or musing about a certain subject and I’ll decide to share that here. I’m quite the talker once I get going. If you know me, you know that I tend to ramble when I find something exciting and totally wicked.

What are some of the things you love to talk about on your blog? Let me know in the comments below!



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  1. 1-10, how would you rate The Great Gatsby? Also, Carey Mulligan (aka Sally Sparrow from Blink) was in the trailer and I squealed when I saw her.

    So far, which episode of the current Who series have you liked the most? I would say The Crimson Horror, because it’s got Jenny, Vastra, and Strax. And also Gattiss wrote it and I love Gattiss’ writing.

    • I really loved The Crimson Horror. It’s really hard to choose! The one that I honestly loved was Journey to the Centre of the Tardis. So many Whouffle feels. For the rating on Gatsby I’ll have to give it a 100000/10! It was just purely amazing. I was left awed and just completely speechless.

      • Oh yeah, I loved that one too. We finally see the pool! And the Encyclopedia Gallifreys are so awesome. And Clara knows the Doctor’s name now! *squeal*
        For Gatsby, do you think you’d have to read the book to understand the movie? My little sister wants to go watch it, but she hasn’t read the book.
        What was your favorite episode with the Ponds?

      • I know! She knows his name and just ASDFJKLDK.

        I honestly don’t know to be honest with you. My friend didn’t read it and she loved the movie, but at the same time, to get a deeper sense of the movie and appreciate it, I feel that you do need to have read it. I like how this Great Gatsby was modernized and also centered more around Gatsby’s life rather than Nick’s. Nick is still a main character and he is telling the story, but we get a greater sense of who Gatsby is.

        My favorite episode with the Ponds has to be The Girl Who Waited. SO many FEELS with Rory and Amy. Love those two.

  2. OOOO i love this and I lov the challenge! It looks like loads of fun

    • It is, Danielle! You should definitely take a part of it! Just start with this week or next! 😀


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