It Will Take You Home

Yesterday I had the day off and I decided to shut off my phone and just relax. I read and watched movies practically all day. Well, afternoon since I practically woke up at noon. It was nice. I went on the internet for a while, but it was only to be on tumblr and send the occasional tweet. At around 11 p.m. I went online again and made a fanmix for one of my new ships Whouffle.

In case you don’t know my obsession with Doctor Who or the show, Whouffle is the ship we call Eleven and Clara. I just love and adore them together. They are so perfect with one another and you can just see how much the Doctor cares about Clara and vice versa.

So, I decided to make a fanmix and post it on tumblr. It didn’t get that many notes, but I really didn’t care. It was the first time I ever made a playlist for a couple, not to mention, a show. I really liked it and I am planning on doing some more for other shows/ships when the inspiration comes. But for now, I will share with you It Will Take You Home; a Whouffle fanmix.

Hope you enjoy!

it will take you away - a whoffule fanmixlisten | it will take you home; a whoffule fan mix // 1. human – gabrielle aplin // 2. pantomime – imagine dragons // 3. young and beautiful – lana del rey // 4. laura palmer – bastille // 5. with me – sum 41 // 6. loving ghosts – vedera // 7. clarity – zedd // 8. if i lose myself (acoustic) – one republic // 9. still around – 3OH!3 // 10. love love love – of monsters and men // 11. home – gabrielle aplin // 12. without you – breaking benjamin


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  1. I’ll check out the playlist soon, sounds great, and I love those chill out days 🙂

    • Hope you like it when you listen to it! ❤ Oh and I know. I love free days. I look foreward to them. I'm actually happy because I have the weekend off and don't have to go to work until Tuesday after tomorrow! 🙂

  2. How are you coping with the news? and of course the speculation of replacement had only just stopped sobbing over River and the Doctors goodbye

    • I just can’t believe it. I mean I knew it would come. But it’s just so soon! I don’t want Matt to leave and especially on Christmas. Like why BBC?! Why break our hearts on a happy and festive day??? I literally cried so much in that episode. It’s always like that for the season finale. I’m wondering if John Hurt really will be the next Doctor. Or if they will choose someone else.

      • am shocked it has come so soon after he actually said he was going to do 8th series can only think a good offer has come up which he wants to accept, I don’t think it will be hurt as they have already filmed his role for the 50th. Lots of speculation about the casting of a female Doctor or a black Doctor worryingly a few americans suggested for the role which will not make me happy

      • I know he’s doing a movie right now. I’m not sure if it has finished production. But I can’t believe it…I think it’d be kind of cool to see a female doctor, but then again…how will it affect the relationship with River and him? Like I want to see more of their relationship. And of course, with Clara. Ahhh and I did see it! It was perfection!!! ❤

      • I think we have seen the last interaction between the Doctor and River but I do think we will see River in some form in the 50th as I think she has something still to reveal regarding Clara my personal theory is the River created Clara somehow from the library and sent her out into the real world on the leaf (rivers name was sown on the prayer leaf in a good man goes to war if you remember and she is in the library which was referred to as a forest) if you think about the words she used with the leaf in the rings of akhaten as well…

      • That makes sense! And River is all-knowing because of her time-traveling. She knows a lot about the Doctor and what not so she has to know about Clara. And Moffat is so GOOD in using parallels and symbolism throughout the series!

      • we have started up a watch along group on fb watching a different episode and chatting each siunday we only just started with Rose this past sunday if you wanted to join us

      • I would love to! 😀 I’ve been meaning to rewatch DW for some time now 🙂 I use my RL name on FB. I’m actually a fan of yours but don’t think you know me. My name on FB is Adylenne Ascencio.

      • did you see the you tube post I shared for river and the doctor to a thousand years that song sums them up so perfectly

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