Goodbye May, Hello June

Another month gone. Where did the time go?

I say this every time when I realize the next month is upon us. I just feel that the year is quickly passing by, don’t you? May was very busy at the beginning. With Spring semester coming to an end there were a tremendous amount of work, projects, and papers to be turned in. It was also my birthday month! This year I turned 20 and I did…nothing. I was just not in the spirit to celebrate. Plus, I worked and had a project due that night. It’s not exactly the right to whip out the cider and break upon a pinata. Not that I would….maybe.

With the start of a new month comes my monthly favorites and boy do I have a dozy for you! There were a lot of things I loved this month when it concerns books, shows, movies, and music! The list could be never ending but I contained myself a selected my absolute favorites.

Favorite Books

So I may be possibly cheating by choosing all of my book reads in May. As you can see, I didn’t read that much. The first two weeks were hectic as I had final papers and projects due. What I did get to read I loved. Thirteen Reasons Why and Daughter of Smoke & Bone both got 4+ star ratings. I loved them for very different reasons. Thirteen Reasons Why was eerily beautiful. It gnawed at the recesses of my heart and was thought-provoking. It left me changed.

Daughter of Smoke & Bone was uniquely different. I loved how it was a different take on angel and “monster” lore. The monsters are called chimera and they are dark creatures – or so the seraphim’s (angels) say. I liked the foreshadowing and pace of the novel as a whole. It was just a brilliantly crafted story that I thoroughly enjoyed. I can’t wait to pick up the sequel. Lucky for me, it’s already out so there shall be no waiting for me 😛

52 Reasons To Hate My Father will also be getting a 4+ star rating *hint hint* when I post the review in the next few days.At first, I wasn’t so sure about the novel because I really disliked Lexi, the MC. She was your typical spoiled heiress. There were times that I just couldn’t believe her selfish behavior. As the novel progressed, Lexi changes and grows as a person. I also really liked the dash of romance sprinkled on the pages 🙂

To read my full thoughts on the first two novels, feel free to click on their title! ^^

Favorite Music

Have I mentioned how much I absolutely love music? I can’t live without it! Okay, maybe I could, but it’d be really REALLY hard. I discovered two new artists this month and thoroughly enjoy their albums. All of their songs are pos-it-tute-ly amazing!

The first is Gabrielle Aplin’s debut album, English Rain. Her voice is just so beautiful, kind of like an angel’s. My favorite song from the album is Human. Some close seconds are Please Don’t Say You Love Me and Power of Love.


Bastille is the second artist/band I discovered and just….WOW. I love their sound, their songs, their lyrics. Everything. If I had to pick a favorite song it would have to be the acoustic version of Laura Palmer. Close seconds are Things We Lost in the Fire and Flaws.

You can ignore the lyrics on the screen of the video and just listen. It was the best video I could find, sound wise.


Both artists are indie and AH-MAZING. I highly recommend both their albums because you will just absolutely fall in love with them 🙂

Favorite Shows

I watched A LOT of shows in May. I probably watched too much telly for my own good. But I didn’t care because I was FREE from the confines of SCHOOL.


Elementary was probably my top favorite show this month. I’ve been wanting to watch it for a while and after the first 5 minutes I was instantly hooked! I literally finished the entire season in a few days. *cough 3 days* *cough* I just loved how they took a classic story and spun it into a brilliantly modern story. Watson is a woman. Yes, folks, that’s right. And Watson is a badass. She does not take any of Sherlock’s shit. (Sorry about that there). But it’s true!

Sherlock is a recovering drug addict and Watson has been hired by his father as Sherlock’s sober companion. As the weeks past, Watson realizes that she enjoys helping Sherlock in the homicide cases he assists the NYPD. Sherlock still has his own demons to fight and as the show progresses there are startling discovers that are absolutely heart breaking. It also fills me with such hope and sweetness. Especially when it concerns Watson and Sherlock’s relationship.

All I can say is that I need – no, want the second season…now!

Favorite Movies

The Great Gatsby

This movie….I just can’t. No words can ever describe how beautiful this was. I’ve been raving about it at work because when I mention it they always ask, “Was it good?” and all I say is, “IT WAS AMAZING!” I really liked that this version focused on Gatsby’s life. Yes, Nick was still a main character and the story itself is still told through him, but I feel like they focused more on Gatsby and his character in ways that the novel did not. That was something I really liked on the director’s part. I also loved the modern music in it. I never would have imagined them doing that, but I liked it a lot. It reflected how we we see that time now. The vast extravagance of the rich and the lyrical richness of music.

Leonardo Dicaprio was brilliant. I just ached so much for his character, Gatsby. He played him so well. I was captivated by his scenes. His acting was right on point and went above and beyond. Toby Maguire was also a great Nick Carraway and Carry Mulligan played Daisy Buchanon rather well. I really disliked her character, though.

I just loved this. If you have not gone to the cinema to watch this, I urge you to go. I think you’ll come away stunned and amazed.


I went and saw this film last Saturday with my best friend Ty. We had the hardest time choosing a film and on a whim chose Epic. When the movie was over, I did not regret the decision. This movie was just so adorable, heart-felt, and funny. I think we may have been the only other adults in the theater other than the parents of 5-12 year olds. There’s something different about watching a movie in a theater with a bunch of kids. For once, they laughed at EVERYTHING. It’s also kind of jarring how much I appreciated the film on it’s subtle and mature humor. There were times when I was laughing so hard at something sarcastic, yet, no one else was laughing so it was a bit awkward.

I also cried. Gah. Disney movies. I swear. Disney movies are really sad. Did you ever notice that? Yeah, they are filled with happy endings, but the premise and surrounding factors of the main character are often heart-wrenching. Like…why?? I came away with the startling realization that Disney movies are actually more enjoyable when you’re older because you get a lot more out of them. Epic was no exception. I really loved it, and hope to take my little sister to go see it next weekend!

Favorite App

I have become with a new Android and iPhone app called Path. It’s kind of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram combined all in one. There are some neat unique features like telling your friends you are going to sleep and then waking up the next morning. It tells you how many hours you slept and has some quirky comment.

There’s also the option of letting your friends know what song, movie, or book you are currently listening/watching/reading.

I really love this app. It’s fresh, new, and very user friendly. Oh! And it also allows you to instant message with your friends. That aspect is super high quality. I think it’s even faster than texting, which is always a plus.

So that is it! May was good to me and I only hope June well be too! What were your May favorites? Let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear about them 🙂

P.S. If you have Path tell me about it so we can be friends!

P.S.S. If you would like to create your own monthly favorites post, feel free to do so! Leave a link if you do 🙂




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  1. Human sounds so beautiful.

  2. This is wonderful! And so creative. I love the whole “reflection” feature.
    Also, Gabrielle Aplin is absolutely amazing. My favourite song of hers is Salvation, but I fully intend on checking out the songs you’ve listed as your favourites.
    The “app” feature rocks in this post. I am an app-addict. xD

  3. Love DoS&B and both The Great Gatsby and Epic are on my watch list, so I’m glad you love them…bodes well 🙂


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