Book Review: Of Poseidon (Of Poseidon #1) by Anna Banks

Author: Anna Banks

Publisher: Feiwel and Friends

Release date: May 22, 2012

Rating: 5 stars – I LOVED THIS TO PIECES!

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Galen is the prince of the Syrena, sent to land to find a girl he’s heard can communicate with fish. Emma is on vacation at the beach. When she runs into Galen—literally, ouch!—both teens sense a connection. But it will take several encounters, including a deadly one with a shark, for Galen to be convinced of Emma’s gifts. Now, if he can only convince Emma that she holds the key to his kingdom. — Goodreads


Ohmysweetgoodness. THIS BOOK.

I finished Of Poseidon last night and it was just such a wonderful, fast-paced, and intriguing read. I will try to be as coherent as possible as I write this because I’m still trying to let it sink in. I’ll also try not to fangirl, but I make no promises.

Of Poseidon is told from two perspectives, Galen and Emma’s. Galen is a Syrena prince who is an ambassador from his people to humans. Galen is a mermaid, err merman, but they don’t like the term “mermaid.” He gets a bit hurt – in a comical sense – when anyone uses that term to describe his people. All Syrena can form between having a fin and legs. The reason Galen is on land more than usual is because he is trying to find a girl who has the gift of Poseidon.

That girl undoubtedly is Emma after a deadly run-in with a shark.

Emma is thrust into Galen’s world as she tries to understand her gift and where she comes from. There is mystery surrounding here genetics and how Emma could be possible because she’s a half-breed. There are theories that Galen concludes, but they are no match for the inevitable truth discovered at the end of the novel.

This novel was just so much fun and captivating. From the very first page, I was laughing so hard. I loved Emma. She’s sarcastic, stubborn, feisty, and temperamental. Her voice was strong and very real. Her usage of “ohmysweetgoodness,” “fan-flipping-tastic,” and “un-freaking-belivable” made her sound like a real teen. They became my new favorite words, by the way.

Emma also reminded me of myself so much, especially when it concerned her ability to trip over her own feet and injury herself. Totally me. The other day I lost my footing on the stairs and fell. Yeah. Not one of my greatest moments.

Anyways, back to Emma. She goes through a lot in the beginning. She loses her friend, finds out that she can hold her breath underwater at an inhumanely rate, and can talk to fish. She handles it as any normal person would. Freaks out, denies it, and accepts it at the end. Galen is a constant presence and it’s because of him that Emma begins to realize her gift and who she is.

There’s a pull that Emma and Galen both sense towards one another. They both know of it, but don’t begin to feel something for each other until later. I really liked this because it’s not insta-love. I’m a hopeless romantic, but there has to be some sense of realism embedded into the characters on how it occurs. Their relationship starts as a ploy to keep up appearances and Emma is dead set on the idea that Galen has no feelings for her, that it is all an act. Oh, boy, is she ever so wrong. Galen likes her…a lot. He just won’t let himself admit it because well, there are circumstances surrounding Emma and what her gift means to his people.

I won’t go into too much detail because it’s an important aspect of the story and I don’t want to spoil the book.

Let’s move on to Galen. I freaking LOVED Galen. He was so cute and very machismo. Like he’s this brawny guy who fought for the things he believed were right. I also loved his similes. His similes were great. He would compare things to things from the sea like lobsters and sharks. I loved it so much because it was unique and creative. Galen in a way is also selfless because he denies the one thing/person he wants most: Emma. He does it for a good reason as well and he even admits at some point that he’d give up his life to be with her.

Since I”m gushing, I will mention Toraf and Rayna. I love these two. They are supporting characters in the novel, but they are individuals as well. For the Syrena, once a male comes of age they sift – which means they date until they find a girl who will be their mate. Well, Toraf has always known that he wants Rayna (Galen’s twin sister). Rayna is not so happy when she finds out that Toraf wants her to be his mate. She shows her anger by well, hurting Toraf on more than one occasion. Emma even stands up beside Rayna on the whole “mate” issue. If a person does not want to be “mated” then they shouldn’t be. Rayna and Toraf have a dysfunctional relationship at the beginning, but it grows into something more and we see how Rayna truly feels about Toraf as the story progresses.

The other secondary characters such as Rachel, Grom, Dr. Milligan, and Mrs. McIntosh (Emma’s mom) offered a relatively and pivotal importance in the novel. I liked this because they all had a purpose and moved the novel forward.

Lastly, I want to mention the perspectives of the novel. I’ve only seen this once before where one perspective (Emma’s) was written in first person, while the second (Galen’s) was written in third and worked. Anna Banks uses this set up rather nicely and offers a deeper understanding in Galen. Writing in a male’s perspective isn’t easy when you are a female, and I like how Banks writes in third to show more than just how Galen feels. She shows us his world through him and it’s something that I loved about this novel.

Of Poseidon is a refreshing spin to merfolk stories, tinged with humor, romance, and mystery. It’s also very unique and creative when it concerns mermaids. But then again, I have only ever read one mermaid book and I was around 12 and hardly remember. So maybe I’m not the best judge concerning this topic. In any event, I highly recommend this novel. It’s a fun and moving novel that will leave you speechless and wanting more.

Plus, you’ll be gushing. Promise.

I will be buying Of Triton, the sequel very soon because I NEED to know what adventure awaits Emma, Galen, and their friends next!

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  1. This is a great review- I’ll definitely have to give this book a read!

  2. fuonlyknew

     /  June 3, 2013

    I have this book. Just haven’t started it yet so I couldn’t read your review. I take it you liked it though! lol

  3. This sounds amazing…I only read the beginning of your review so I didn’t spoil it! Instantly smitten!

  4. I dont know it is just me or if somebody else feels this too, but i always remeber this book when i listen to the song All of Me by John Legend and also vice versa. I love the entire series!!! It was awesome!!


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