Hospital and Drugs

Today has been quite eventful to be the least. Right after work today I had to go to the hospital because I fell off a ladder yesterday morning at work. I was fine right in that moment, but I then started getting a dual ache in my back and shoulders.

I spent four hours there, which didn’t seem like a long time because I was constantly being checked on, but it was just too much.

Never have I gone to the hospital and waited for a long time. Which made me start to think about how the health care system in the United States sucks. We are one of the leading industrial countries in the world, yet, our health care system is no where near the top 10 best health care systems in the world.

Anyways, this isn’t my thoughts about the system. It’s about hospitals and drugs.

At the hospital I was attended within 5 minutes (but I was the only one in the ER). A nurse checked my blood pressure, which was low. I was then examined by a doctor. They inspected my back and I had now visible bruising, but I was hurting as if there was someone pushing against my back with an iron grate. I was then ushered to another waiting room in the back room where they have patients already taken care of. There were two different doctors who inspected my back the same way that the first had. It was a bit uncomfortable as the pain was in the same area as the strap of my bra and I had to lift my shirt a little. There were only a handful of people in my general vicinity and it was embarrassing. I’ve never seen that in my life.

As I waited for my X-ray, I read a poster on the wall, letting me know about this new patient care method. With the limited amount of hospital beds available, hospitals around the country have developed a new portable way to treat patients in the waiting room. Even though it was uncomfortable to have been examined twice in front of people, I guess I’ll have to say it works. And they were also constantly checking on me.

The other part of going to a hospital or any medical facility is paperwork. Yay! Not. I hate paperwork.

So that was my first time experience at the hospital. I’ve gone to a hospital a couple of times, but it was never to seek treatment for myself. It was my for my siblings or a friend.

Now on to the drugs!

I don’t get sick often and even when I do, I refrain from taking any sort of drug to alleviate the pain. I like my body to get better on it’s own and I believe that it’s the reason why my immune system is strong. The doctor prescribed a strong amount of Ibuprofen for dual pain and Hydroco if the pain is more than I can handle. I don’t plan on taking the latter as I don’t think it’ll be necessary. Plus, I’m a little skeptic about medical drugs in general. I don’t want to become dependent on any of them.

Even when I have headaches, which are a rare consistency, I don’t like to take Tylenol. I would rather try to sleep it off. 99.8% of the time that method works. .2% of the time I will take medicine just so the pain would go away.

The only perk I see from taking the Hydroco is that it will make my drowsy and ultimately alleviate all pain, which means I’ll sleep like a baby. If I do decide to take that (I’m leaning towards that decision right now because my back and shoulders are killing me even as I write this) then I will get a good nights sleep; something I have not had the last couple of days.

Decisions. Decisions.

Here I am, painstakingly trying to decide.


Still wearing the hospital bracelet. I forgot to take it off…

What are your thoughts about hospital and drugs. Have you ever been indecisive to take medicine that has been prescribed to you? Let me know your thoughts below!

P.S. I probably won’t be online for the next couple of days as it does hurt to just sit here. I’ll be spending my time reading if I can so I’ll have plenty ofΒ  book reviews up in the next few days! πŸ™‚



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  2. Dear Emma, first of all, I wish you well…but wishes don’t always make it so. Drugs, properly prescribed and properly taken can do amazing things. If you are suffering, give the drug a chance. One is not going to hurt you or stand in the way of your principles. I have been on a couple of pills daily, all my life. Without them, I may not be here today. If your pain continues don’t ignore it–go see a qualified specialist. Okay, enough lecturing. Feel Better!

    • Thanks, Marc! I actually took the medicine and it had no effect on me whatsoever. I think I’m just one of those persons that is effected in a totally opposite way.

  3. Hi Emma, I’d say for pain relief when properly prescribed I’ve assumed the likelihood of addiction is low. The problems usually come from taking more than prescribed – pill popping. When I slipped a disc in my back a few years ago I was put on a pain killer and it’s supposed to be highly addictive, but I tried to use less than prescribed, and when it ran out I had the option of getting more prescribed, but opted to go for something over the counter because of the same concerns.

    It’s all a personal choice, but whatever the choice I hope you feel better soon.

  4. So sorry, Emma. 😦 I hope you feel better soon. My mother has been a nurse for 40 years, 30 of which at the same hospital. Honestly, they run that place like a business rather than a hospital. It’s all about how much money they’re bringing in and where they can make cuts (usually by way of laying off nurses) so they can build some new housing facility for medical students looking to become surgeons. It’s disheartening because people should work in health care because they want to help people, not make a lot of money.

    As for the pills… I hate them too. Most of the time, the pain killers they prescribe are just larger versions of over-the-counter meds. Do some research online to see what others are saying, don’t take more than prescribed, and if they make you feel ill in some way, call your family doctor.

    Take it easy, girl. πŸ˜‰

    • I completely agree with the first half of your comment. It’s ridiculous how our health care system has become a ploy for capitalism. But then again, most institutions are just that.

      I do feel a whole lot better πŸ˜€ Thank you for the well wishes, Mel πŸ™‚

  5. EMMA! β™₯
    Oh, I am so sorry! I hope you get well soon. πŸ˜₯ Accidents are never fun.
    And as for your overall theme of the post, I don’t really live in America, but Australia seems wonderful in comparison (I went to the hospital once because of an asthma attack)
    Perhaps this is because I happened to go to a good hospital. Or maybe because I didn’t have any pain to lessen. That’s probably the case, as I’ve had people who’ve undergone the same sort of anguish with the whole “excessive drugs” supply.
    I suppose, at the end of the day, it’s more about budget. Although I agree: more money should be spent on hospitals.
    Anyway, I hope you recover safely and perfectly! β™₯

  6. Aww, hope you feel better, Emma : )

  7. Listen and read, then make your own decision. You’re intelligent. Trust yourself.

  8. μ΅œλ‹€ν•΄ gongjumonica

     /  June 9, 2013

    Oh, dear. Emma please get well soon!!! I missed you. I hope you will recover fast enough.

  9. Fredrik Kayser

     /  June 10, 2013

    Six years ago I was in a brutal skiing accident that put severe strain on the muscles in my back. It was so bad that they initially thought I’d broken my spine since I couldn’t move due to the pain. 24 hours later I’m up and walking, but the pain – I still cringe when I think back on that. Lucky to escape with muscle damage, still hurts like a MF from time to time but I hate taking medication. It wasn’t that bad as long as I didn’t move so I ended up lying still for a few weeks until I could move and bear it. Didn’t take any painkillers. Like you I even try to avoid taking asprings for head aches. That being said, sleep is valuable. If the pain keeps you from sleeping it’ll only take longer to recover. πŸ™‚

    • Your accident made me cringe! I’m happy that you are better now πŸ™‚

      I took the medicine that was supposed to make me drowsy that first night and it kept me up. It didn’t work. But I had a day off Saturday and ever since then I am feeling so much better. It just hurt for the first few days, but I think I am all recovered! Now, I just have two full bottles of medicine that I’ll probably never need πŸ˜›

  10. Hope you’re feeling better!

  11. Hoping you are feeling a little better now hun xx

  12. Oh my gosh, Emma, are you okay?? Latent injuries are the scary ones! I hope it’s nothing serious and that a short prescription will be all you need to see you to recovery! Take it easy and bonne santΓ©!

    I am just exactly the same when it comes to taking pills for things: if I can go without, I will. Call me a hippie, but I believe in natural cures and letting the body do its own healing. With some exceptions, of course: blinding migraines being one of them.

    Interesting about being treated in a general room. Our healthcare system definitely has issues (though there are far more contentious ones than that I think– standard prices or Obamacare/lack thereof, anybody?). But I suppose if you got what you needed that’s what really matters!

    Take care and feel better, Emma!


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