Reading Slumps

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I haven’t been in a reading mode as of late. Maybe it’s because of laziness or work. Maybe both? I mean, I work 7.5 hours shifts and am at work 8 hours or more, 3-4 days a week. Sometimes, even 5 days a week, depending on the week. When I come home all I want to do is crash in my sea of pillows and sleep. Or if it wasn’t such a bad day, I would go online and watch a show.

It’s been almost two weeks and I have not made any significant progress on my two current reads. I’ve been debating about picking something else like when I read TFioS last week in less than 12 hours. That was a nice change of scenery.


If I do chose to read a new book all together, I’m afraid to leave my current reads. Which will then be discarded. Actually, I think they have been forgotten all together…

So what do I do?

I’ve never really been in a reading slump like this before. Never felt like I didn’t want to read. All I ever want to do is watch shows. I guess it’s understandable in a sense, because when I was in school I barely had time to watch t.v. I read books even when I wasn’t supposed to just so I could deviate from my studies.

So my question to you all of you is: Have you ever been in a reading slump? If so, how did you get out of it? Tell me your secrets.

Hopefully I get out of this soon because I have a blog tour post this Friday and I have to finish the book in time for the tour stop.

With love always,


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  1. I feel ya, reading slumps are never pleasant. :/

    Just a month ago I had a really big reading slump. None of the books I was reading could hold my attention, even the ones I was excited to pick up. During that time it was a struggle to get through a single book, so I put it down and did something else. I would watch dramas, go online or even take a stroll outside. Reading is suppose to be something I for pleasure and if I’m not feeling that I do something that will. If you’re in a hurrying to get out of your slump I suggest rereading your favorite books or pick up something that’s short. This may help you get back into a reading mood.

    Good luck getting out of your reading slump!

  2. I hate reading slumps!
    To get out of a slump, I usually try and pick the book I am most interested in reading, or have wanted to read for the longest time, or even pick an entirely new book I have never heard of, and read that one.
    It’s so horrible when you feel like you don’t want to read D:

  3. Oh, I hate that. Yeah reading slumps are the worst. For me, they usually happen when I’ve done some sort of marathon reading and really need to take a break, but I usually snap out of it after a week of not thinking about it and focusing my energy elsewhere.

  4. Books, Tea & Me

     /  June 27, 2013

    I’ve noticed getting into slumps lots nowadays. I start a book with vigour and then lose interest in it halfway through. A good example of this would be The Birth House — I started reading it at the start of the year and still haven’t finished it yet because I simply don’t care. A couple of weeks ago I started The Cider House Rules and again, I gave up 1/3 of the way in to try The Moon and More (thankfully I’m glued to those pages). I don’t know why this happens, but I guess a lot of it can be blamed on working full-time and having family responsibilities, while trying to juggle a relationship, friendships and relaxation. Not an easy task! I was hoping this summer would be four months of non-stop reading, but that just hasn’t been the case and now summer’s already half over. Le sigh.

  5. I am in a bit of a reading/writing slump right now, actually. None of the books I pick up seem to hold my attention after the second session of reading (I rarelly finish a book in one go), but strangely, I am completely captivated with all sorts of fanfiction right now.

  6. Poor you! Hmm… when I’m in a reading slump, I just go book hunting. Yup, I go onto Amazon or whatever and look for books, get myself pumped about them, order them from the library, and be VERY impatient about receiving them. Kinda like what I’m doing now, lol.


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