Top Ten Tuesday (4)

Top Ten Tuesday

Ello lovely people of the world! Today I bring you another TOP TEN post hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is: Top Ten Authors Who Deserve More Recognition.

This was a difficult list to make as I do read a lot of “mainstream” (?) novels. You know, the kind that everyone is always talking about. There’s nothing wrong with that, by the way, but this post is giving love to those book gems that aren’t talked about much.I admit, I had to take a stroll down my bookshelf and find those authors who aren’t widely recognized and need to be! Their work is pos-it-tute-ly brilliant and should be picked up and read MORE. Here are my top ten picks I found:

1. Carrie Ryan

I absolutely loved The Forest of Hands and Teeth series! It’s one of my favorite zombie books EVER. There’s something hauntingly beautiful about Ryan’s writing. I remember reading and I was legitimately scared of the unconsecrated (zombies). I also feared for the characters. Oh! About the characters….the way they are integrated into the novels is BRILLIANT! The connections and startling revelations that Ryan creates is just flawless! If you haven’t read this series….YOU NEED TO!

2. Anna Godbersen

You’ve all heard me rave about Godbersen before. She’s one of my favorite YA historical fiction authors. I just love how she makes the eras of 1899-1900 and the 1920’s come alive in her writing, making me wish that I lived during that time. I wanted to have adventures and drama and love just like her characters experienced in The Luxe and Bright Young Things. Everything about her writing is gold and I wish more people read her books and had a love for historical fiction. Period.

3. Tera Lynn Childs

I love Tera. I’ve actually met her a couple of times and she’s just so sweet! Her characters in the Medusa Girls trilogy are absolutely sassy and strong, which is one of my favorite qualities in female MC’s. Plus, her books aren’t so focused on the romance aspect; a definite plus. I’ve only read one of Tera’s books while it’s sequel is sitting on my shelf.

I know, I know. I will get to it! I MUST. Don’t give me that look, Schu.

4. Claudia Gray

I think Gray’s novels are by passed often because they are about vampires. But her Evernight series is vampires DONE RIGHT. It’s different and SO SO GOOD. I also love her Fateful novel where it is werewolf on….TITANIC. I absolutely loved it and I wished that there was a sequel because it left things off where she could possibly continue it! !! But I shall get my Gray fix in her new series Spellcaster, which is about witches. She’s can write about anything and it is still AH-MAZING!

5. Alex Flinn

Beastly, anyone? This book was just so ASDFGHJKL. I loved the Beauty and the Beast retelling and thought it was just MARVELOUS. I loved how Adrian (Kyle) found solace in books and how Lindy slowly falls in love with him. If you’ve seen the movie adaption of this book you may have notice that they changed a few things around. Most notedly…HIS NAME. That irked me.

But alas, the book itself is BRILLIANT and if you love fairy tale retellings you’re sure to love this book!

P.S. Flinn has written other books, too, surrounding fairy tale characters such as the novels, Bewitching and Towering! !!

6. Jessica Park 

I stumbled across Park’s novel, Flat-Out Love via Kindle. I will forever thank my Kindle for recommending me this book because I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. Park is an indie author and her writing is beautiful and exquisite. Those who are trying to branch out of their comfort zone should go and check out her work. It’s genius, I tell you! I can’t wait to read her following two novels that I have on my Kindle just patiently waiting for me. It’s going to be EPIC!

7. Martha Brockenbrough

I read and fell in love with Martha’s debut YA novel, Devine Intervention. It was funny and heart-warming; a book that definitely stayed with me for weeks and weeks. She’s one of those authors that isn’t talked about much. Why? I DON’T KNOW! Her work is AH-MAZING and should be read more! Her work was SO GOOD that I took to saying some of the brilliantly creative alternative curse sayings. I just love Martha. She’s one of my favorite authors that I have ever met! She’s so sweet and funny. Plus, she’s a fan of Doctor Who! I see no cons here 😛

I’m hoping that Martha writes more YA novels because I NEED MORE OF HER BRILLIANT WRITING.


sara zarr

8. Sara Zarr 

Zarr’s novel, Sweethearts, had me crying so much when I was a sophomore. I had no intention of ever even reading it but my friend check it out of the library and told me it was good and that I should read it. So I read it, loved it, and had my heart broken into a million jagged pieces. It’s one of the novels that I deeply related to and wished that that could have happened in my reality. Her writing is deeply moving and realistic. Contemporary fans would love the story and it’s one I highly recommend!

I’m also going to make it my mission to read all the other books by Sara Zarr! !!

9. Lucy Christopher

Lucy never intended to be a writer. But she wrote Stolen as part of her doctoral program. The story involves Stockholm syndrome and a girl’s strength to differentiate between being kidnapped and finding comfort in her captor as time passes. It’s a moving and powerful story that left me absolutely speechless. It’s a work of art and more people should read it. It’s realistic and even though it’s not a “happily ever after” ending, it is still SO GOOD.

10. Julianna Baggot 

Julianna won my heart when she wrote Pure, a creative, unique, and widely fascinating dystopian novel. The thing that I loved about this most was the parallel’s between what happened in Pressia’s world and the Hiroshima bombing in ours. There was a resounding message throughout the novel that I really loved. Aside from that heavy topic, I just thought this book was pure (no pun intended) brilliance! !! In a world where dystopian novels are taking over, Pure stands out the most. I honestly don’t know why people don’t read this book more. Is it because romance isn’t a key ingredient? Does it delve too much in serious undertones? I have no clue, but I loved this and it’s a definite must read.

So there you have it! My top ten authors who I believe should get more recognition for their work! Have a Top Ten Tuesday post? Leave the link below! I would love to check it out!


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  1. Okay my darling Emma…what is wrong with this picture. Is it only me that notices that all these authors are women? And is it only me who notices that all the animated highlights are men? And, so far, the only two “likes” I see are both from men. You are out of balance and I will soon have the EOBC after you. Oh, that’s Equal Opportunity Blog Cops. I am told their squad consists of an equal number of dudes and dudettes. I swear I am going to buy you a subscription to Field & Stream or Popular Mechanics. I wonder if you are even going to crack my new book? Hmmm, maybe I should have written it under a female name. Now go.


      Most YA novels are written by female writers. The books I love from male YA authors are popular and everyone knows them so I left them out. Hmm…I should make a post of my favorite male authors, huh? 😛 And I will look into reading a James Bond novel 😀

  2. Okay so most of these I’ve got on my TBR list. I JUST read The Forest of Hands and Teeth and it was creeptastic. I had very vivid zombie nightmares that night, which is weird, because I watch/read a lot of zombies and never dream about them. That speaks to her writing. I do have a lot of unanswered questions though, so I need to finish the series.

    Also, PURE! I actually ‘read’ this as an audiobook on my way home from San Antonio one day and really loved it. It was far different from the other dystopian books I’ve read and I too kept thinking about Hiroshima – which is another great book, even if it is very sad and disturbing.

    Okay sorry about the novel here! Great list 🙂


  3. I love Alex Flinn! She nearly made my list!
    I’ve heard of about half of these authors, and added the other half’s books to my TBR 😀
    I must say I love your headers for all of your posts. They are so darn pretty! They make me jealous that I have no computer skillz. Haha 😛

    • I have no computer skills either! I suck :/ I need to read more of Alex Flinn’s work too! I really love the Towering cover! It’s so PRETTY!

  4. Oh Emma – I love the gleeky gifs.
    I’m currently reading a Tera Lynn Childs novel! It’s my first and I’m enjoying it so far. I have it on audiobook and listen to it when I’m going for a run… it’s slow going – mostly because of my hate of exercise but it’s making me look forward to running just so I can listen to the story again.

    And Claudia Grey – love her! Great list!

  5. Wow wow wow… THANK YOU for this. While I haven’t actually heard of any of the authors you mentioned, I can now add so many books to my to-read list! 🙂

  6. Hey just came back through your blog and realized you have Jessica Park on your list. You HAVE to read Left Drowning. I got it on my Kindle lending Prime thing this month and it was AH-MAZE-ING! Seriously loved it. 🙂

    • I got approved for it by Netgally but I just haven’t had the chance to read it! Ahhh! I need to ASAP!

  7. “Pure” was pretty amazing! I have “Fused” from the library… I can’t wait to read it!


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