Read-A-Long: The Raven Boys (Raven Cycle #1) by Maggie Stiefvater || Chapter 7 – 12

Ello again people of the internet! I’m here again to bring you another segment of Zach’s, from Zach’s YA Reviews, read-a-long for Maggie Stiefvater’s novel, The Raven Boys.  I’ll link his page at the end so you all can go and check out his thoughts on chapter six through chapter twelve today! Zach is also having a giveaway for an ADVANCED READER’S COPY of The Dream Thieves, the anticipated sequel to The Raven Boys, which I will also be linking at the end.

If you have not read this book, please keep in mind that there will definitely be spoilers in these posts. 

Everyone ready?

The Raven Boys


Blue has spent the majority of her sixteen years being told that if she kisses her true love, he will die. When Blue meets Gansey’s spirit on the corpse road she knows there is only one reason why – either he is her true love or she has killed him.

Determined to find out the truth, Blue becomes involved with the Raven Boys, four boys from the local private school (lead by Gansey) who are on a quest to discover Glendower – a lost ancient Welsh King who is buried somewhere along the Virginia ley line. Whoever finds him will be granted a supernatural favour.

Never before has Blue felt such magic around her. But is Gansey her true love? She can’t imagine a time she would feel like that, and she is adamant not to be the reason for his death. Where will fate lead them?

Summary of Chapter 7 – 12

Chapter Seven

Gansey and co. are still at the restaurant. Gancy asks Adam why going to a psychic is a good idea in which Adam replies with, “They deal in energy work.” He further explains that the ley lines are energy so a psychic should be able to point them to the right direction in finding Glendower if they are “the real deal.” Meanwhile, Adam is distracted, searching for Blue and Gansey feels guilty for being oblivious about money and botching Adam’s chance with her.

Adam muses a way to find a concrete location of a ley line using electricity since electricity is energy. It would make the residual energy of the ley line stronger and easier to locate.

Declan, Ronan’s brother, shows up at Nino’s which turns into a physical fight between him and Ronan. Gansey interfers and succeeds, but remembers the days that lead to the animosity between the two brothers.

  • On Wednesday Niall Lynch (Ronan and Declan’s father) was beaten to death with a tire iron.
  • On Thursday, Ronan found his body in the driveway.
  • On Friday, their mother stopped speaking and never spoke again.
  • On Saturday, they realized that their father left them rich and homeless.
  • On Sunday, Ronan stole his father’s car.
  • On Monday, the Lynch brothers stopped being friends.

While Declan and Ronan are fighting Gansey sees that she is listening in the car, hearing every word the brothers trade with each other. Adam sees this as well, and tells Gansey that he should stop telling people about ley lines and Glendower. Gansey says that everything he’s done is public record and if someone was watching them then it means that they are on the right track with their search.

Chapter Eight

As Blue is leaving work, she is stopped by Adam who is there to apologize for Gansey’s behavior. She doesn’t know why she even spends time talking to Adam since he is a Raven boy. But there is something different about Adam. He doesn’t seem entitled or arrogant. He seemed like the kind of boy who she could have a conversation with. Blue decides to give him a chance and writes down her name and number on a tissue. Adam is happy he came back and is on his way.

Donny (one of the managers at Nino’s) comes out the back door of the restaurant, startling Blue. In his hands, is fat leather-bound book, the one she’d seen President Cell Phone with. Donny thought it was her since it was “her stuff,” but she tells him that she’ll return it and he goes back inside. After flipping through the book, Blue is amazed by the passion written inside it and can’t possibly believe that it’s Presiden’t Cell Phone’s (the name she uses to identify Gansey since she has not “officially” met him by his christian name. She thinks it’s most likely Adam’s and he just let “President Cell Phone” see it.

Blue is left wishing that Adam were Gansey, but takes it back because Gansey does not have long left to live.

Chapter Nine

Gansey is woken up by a phone call. It is a Roger Malory, a friend and expert he met in Britain. Malory is an expert in the limited field of ley lines and has information for Gansey. He believes that the ley lines are dormant like Glendower. They are present but not active, which makes it hard to dowse and locate. The energy is faint and irregular, explaining why whenever they get a lead the next moment it disappears.

Malory suggests that Gansey perform a ritual to awake the ley lines that are most likely buried underground. Once they are awaken, it will be much easier to find them, their echo resonating loudly rather than faintly.

The news is exciting and he wants to share it with someone. Knowing that Ronan would most likely be awake he goes to his room, but Ronan is missing. Gansey is worried and calls Adam, who is going to try to look for Ronan, even if he may get in trouble. It is implied that Adam is abused and held under strict house rules. Before Gansey leaves, Noah suggest to look at the church since Noah is always good at finding Ronan. Noah doesn’t go with Gansey and is exempt from ever going again since he found Ronan lying in a pool of his own blood six months prior.

Gansey finds Ronan (to his relief) in the church drunk with a baby raven he found. Ronan promises that “it” will never happen again. Meaning that he will never try to kill himself again. Ronan names the raven Chainsaw and Gansey is struck by the coincidence that it is Glendower’s bird, which is contradictory because he doesn’t believe in them. But what are the chances?

Chapter Ten

Whelk is having a sleepless night. It’s not irregular or a nuisance. He hasn’t had a full night’s sleep since he lost everything. Whispers and thoughts of Czerny fill his head. He thinks but doesn’t believe that Czerny is in a better place. If he was cursed with whispers after the curse then Czerny’s fate must have been worse.

Whelk’s mind is filled with the past as he remembers the time spent with Czerny trying to find the ley lines. All Whelk knew about the ritual’s process was that the line loved reciprocity and sacrifice. It was vague. Then one day, his mother called and told him about his father’s money laundering business. Overnight the Whelk’s lost everything. It was after his prestige was ripped away from him that Whelk and Czerny went and performed the ritual.

Chapter Eleven

Blue is awaken early from her slumber by the sound of a door. She overhears hushed whispers between Neeve and Maura. They are talking about a “he” and Blue can’t help but wonder if they are talking about her father. Blue soon falls asleep once again and is awakened by a thought:

Today is the day Gansey comes to his reading.

Before  Blue goes to school she stops by Persephone’s room (one of Maura’s best friends) and shows her the journal. Persephone leafs through it and comments that it is very nice, but not hers. Blue asks why she would think that. Persephone replies with, “It’s taking him forever to find this thing. You’d have already found it.” Persephone then tells Blue that she should find out the journal’s rightful owner, then and only then would she know if what’s inside is true.

Chapter Twelve

Gansey is waiting to pick up Adam for school, but Adam is not there at the usual spot. It is again implied that Adam has an abusive father, one that hates S.R.F. S for soft. R for rich, and F for, well you get the gist. After some deliberating, Gansey leaves and heads to school without Adam.

Gansey mets Ronan on the way to class where Ronan is asking where Adam is. He didn’t show up for second period and it is unlike him because he first in all their classes, his life depending on the grades he gets at Aglionby. It is now apparent that Adam is poor and works twice as hard as everyone else in order to succeed.

Gansey notices that Ronan is carrying a large bag and is handling it with care. He thinks it’s odd and deduces that Ronan is carrying the bird inside it. Ronan justifies bringing Chainsaw to school because she has to be feed every two hours.

Ronan and Gansey head to Latin, a class that Ronan never missed. Upon entering Whelk’s demeanor changes and it strikes Gansey as odd and even suspicious. He can’t shake Adam’s words of someone watching. – Adam never shows up to class and Gansey plans to swing by his place after school.


Initial Thoughts

I am loving the foreshadowing. As I mentioned in my previous summary post  there are so many little things that I am catching that make sense in the end. Noah’s being. Whelk’s intentions. The coincidences piling up.

Gansey senses something bad happening. His worry over Ronan possibly being dead when he was missing and now Adam’s uncharacteristic absence. It’s a nice literacy mechanic used when Gansey is the one who has a death sentence hanging over his head. Of course, he doesn’t know it.

Then there is Adam, who is from the other side of the tracks. His father resents him and is abusive for some reason. There is more to the story that I can’t quite remember. But there is certainly a reason.

The cryptic, ill feelings surrounding Whelk is…well, there is something going to happen. When he performed the ritual with Czerny, did he kill him intentionally? Was it an accident? Only time and the progression of the book will reveal the past.

Finally, there is the dysfunctional relationship between Declan and Ronan. I can’t help but feel sorry for both of them and wonder why their relationship went to hell in only a matter of days. Was it the sudden responsiblity that Declan attained when their father died?

Oh! And one finally thing. Promise. What of Blue’s father? I wonder if he is somehow involved with the ley line. It seems that there is something more behind the story of his disappearance. I don’t remember much of this aspect of the story, but I think that he is a key to the energy surrounding Henrietta.

Discussion Question: There have been a smattering of coincidences as of late for Gansey, knowingly and unknowingly. Like the bird, Blue meeting him the day after St. Mark’s Eve, ect. Do you think that this is an intricate way to set up a story? Does it help knowing what the coincidences stand for or do they give away to much to the plot. Lastly, do you believe in coincidences or are you like Gansey and think they are rubbish?


Enter a Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win an ARC of The Dream Thieves, the sequel to The Raven Boys over a Zach’s YA Reviews. Also, don’t forget to check out his summary and thoughts on Chapter 7 – 12! !!

Hope you all enjoy this event for the next few weeks! I’ll be posting my summaries every Tuesday and Thursday. Let me know if you’ve read this book so we can talk about things! 🙂


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