Goodbye July, Hello August

Lots and lots of news today, huh? August is turning out to be quite a busy month! And it’s barely just beginning!

Currently I am in Anaheim for…VIDCON. I am kind of freaking out right now. So far I have met Conner Franta (who owes me an autograph), saw Ricky Dillon, and met Jack and Finn! Those names may not mean anything but well, it’s a big deal for me! These guys are my ideals and I can’t wait to meet more YouTube guru’s tomorrow!

Anyways, it’s the first day of the month which means….it’s time for a monthly favorites post! My favorites consist of books, t.v. shows, movies, music, ect. July was a great month for discovering music, obsessing over a new show, and trying out different dating sites. Yeah. We won’t talk about that last one. Maybe at a later date.

For now let’s start with one of my favorite topics…

Favorite Book

Pivot Point by Kasie West. This book was most definitely my favorite book for July. The thing I liked most about it was how different it was from any fantasy/sci-fi book I’ve ever read. There was suspense, mystery, and romance. I liked how those who were super human, holding a special ability, were kept in hiding. It kind of reminded me of superhero’s and how their identity was to remain a secret from the public.

West’s writing was beautiful and seemlessly. It’s mainly the reason why I adored this book so much! I also LOVED how the story was told between two different alternate futures. I also loved, loved, loved Addie as the MC. And lastly, I loved one of the two possible love interests. Who it is? Mum’s the word.

As you can see there is a lot of love for this book. I am definitely a Kasie West fan now and can’t wait to read Kasie’s contemporary novel, The Distance Between Us. To read my full thoughts on Pivot Point, check out my review of it here. Who knows, maybe it’ll interest you to go forth and pick up the book!

Favorite Music

Hands down, my favorite song for July is Counting Stars by OneRepublic. It’s bloody amazing!

A close second, favorite song goes to Free Now by Sleeping With Sirens.

Give them a listen and I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Favorite Shows

There is only one show that I was (and still am) obsessed with for July. And that is…


I never thought that I would have enjoyed Glee as much as I do. I always thought that the show revolved around high school kids just randomly bursting into song. But it’s much more than that. Their singing is gradual and there is a reason when they sing. It’s not just randomly, which I love.

Staying on the topic of music…well, it’s pretty darn amazing and diverse. They play everything from Journey to Rhianna. They do a Grease episode where I just completely died. All in all, music on the show is absolutely perfect.

The actors are PERFECTLY FLAWLESS. I love them all! They are great actors and singers and in my opinion, they grow with every season. They get stronger and realize things about themselves that they did not know. They also each have a story and it may not be the most important plot line, but it’s heart felt. There were several points where I cried. I admit it.

If you haven’t watched Glee or gotten on the band wagon, I say GO DO IT RIGHT NOW! It’s not too late. Promise. It’ll be one of your favorite guilty pleasure shows!

On a last note, the actor who plays Finn Hudson, Chris Monteith, died recently. I want to just take a few moments to offer my deepest condolesences to his family and friends. I also give my thoughts and strength to Lea Michelle who was his fiance and also co-star on the show.

Favorite App

Minion Rush

I am absolutely in love with Minion Rush. It’s my addiction. I LOVE ME MY MINIONS.

If you follow my instagram you’ll see the array of minion pics as of late. I may have a wee bit of a problem.

Okay, back to the game. In my opinion, it’s highly addictive. The object of the game is to get through the level and beat an evil villain like Vector. Through the level you collect bananas and energy coins that you can then use to buy a new minion or boost a specific category.

My favorite part is when the minion becomes a mega minion and he crushes all the other little minions.

Favorite Beauty Products

Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick

I bought this yesterday and I already love it! I grabbed the neutral tone, which is just AMAZING! It’s not too dark or light, but perfect for my skin tone. The lipstick is only $15 at Sephora and is totally worth it.

I’m not a lipstick kind of girl, but I absolutely love, love, love it. Plus, it smells good and has a beautiful shine and softness to your lips. It even stays on for a longer wear still looking fresh and clean.

So that is it for my favorite things in June! I hope that August treats me just as well and makes me happy as a clam! It may even be the month where I snatch a real a boy! Seriously. I apologize in advance if this post is a little rushed. I’m currently typing this hastily as I am going to Downtown Disney for a late dinner with friends!

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend! ❤


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  1. Hope you enjoyed your time at VidCon!

  2. I haven’t read Pivot Point, though it is waiting for me at the library! I am so excited to read it now that it was your favourite book of July! :O I love unique books, and I love sci-fi books, so I am pretty keen 😀

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