Read-A-Long: The Raven Boys (Raven Cycle #1) by Maggie Stiefvater || Chapter 13 – 18

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another read-a-long post of The Raven Boys brought to you by Zach from Zach’s YA Reviews. As always I’ll link his page at the end so you all can go and check out his thoughts on today’s chapter summaries. Zach is also having a giveaway for an ADVANCED READER’S COPY of The Dream Thieves, the anticipated sequel to The Raven Boys. So stay tuned for that at the end!

If you have not read this book, please keep in mind that there will definitely be spoilers in these posts. 

Alright, let’s do this.

The Raven Boys


Blue has spent the majority of her sixteen years being told that if she kisses her true love, he will die. When Blue meets Gansey’s spirit on the corpse road she knows there is only one reason why – either he is her true love or she has killed him.

Determined to find out the truth, Blue becomes involved with the Raven Boys, four boys from the local private school (lead by Gansey) who are on a quest to discover Glendower – a lost ancient Welsh King who is buried somewhere along the Virginia ley line. Whoever finds him will be granted a supernatural favour.

Never before has Blue felt such magic around her. But is Gansey her true love? She can’t imagine a time she would feel like that, and she is adamant not to be the reason for his death. Where will fate lead them?

Summary of Chapter 13 – 18

Chapter Thirteen

Blue asks Maura why Neeve is in Henrietta. After avoiding the question, Maura admits that Neeve is there to find something or more specifically, someone. Soon after they receive a visitor. A young man who seems oftly strange. Calla enters and suggests that they do a “triple reading” where her, Maura, and Persephone all interpret the tarot cards for a client.

Through the reading, the young man (who is Whelk) is very secretive about the things the psychics have presented. Towards the end, Maura sees something in the cards and demands he leaves her house. Blue is aghast and surprised. She has never seen her mother react in that way.

Maura warns Blue that she was to ever see that man again she was to run the other way. Calla has different advice. Calla tells Blue that if she were to see him again to kick him in the nuts and then run the other way.

Chapter Fourteen

Gansey goes to Adam’s house to find out what happened to his friend. He isn’t surprised when he sees Adam sporting a fresh bruise on his face. Gansey immediately decides without hesitation that Adam move in with him at Mammoth Manufacturing. He doesn’t want Adam to keep on being abused by his father and fears that one day his father will eventually kill him.

Adam declines and a short fight ensues. He argues with Gansey about money and how he does not understand what it means nor what people think when they see him with Gansey. If Adam agrees to move in with his friend then it means that Gansey would own him. And that’s the last thing Adam wants.

They both reach an unsaid truce as Adam suggest they go off to meet the psychic. As they are leaving the residential neighborhood, they come across Mr. Parrish and have an uneasy stare down.

Chapter Fifteen

Gansey is late for his meeting. Calla and Maura have written of excuses for his lateness, but Blue has given up and never really expected a Raven boy to show up to a reading as he’d see it as joke. Just when they all were going to call it a night, Gansey shows up. Blue is surprised to find that President Cell Phone is Gansey. Gansey has brought along Adam and Ronan. The “Pudgy One” as in Noah, is the only one not in Gansey’s posse.

Maura cannot deal with all the noise in the room. The energy surrounding the three boys is deafening. The three psychics decide that it would be better to do a “one-off” for each of the boys. That way the energy emitting from them may quiet down.

Adam’s card tells him that he is struggling to make a choice. It’s going to be a hard choice, but one that has to be made. There may be a third option in his future, but it is uncertain.

Ronan refuses to have a card read for him. He wants a specific in which Calla dutifully obliges to. She says, “A secret killed your father, and you know what it is.” With that cryptic message, Ronan leaves the house.

Lastly, there is Gansey who asks Blue to choose a card for him. She chooses the Page of Cups, her card. It’s her card because the drawing resembles her. Maura is annoyed as the card has Blue’s energy. When Blue shuffles the cards again and has Gansey pick a card – again it is the Page of Cups. By this point everyone is exasperated and the tension in the room is palpable. Maura is seething and she tells him that that is not his card. Gansey begrudgingly chooses one more. He chooses “Death” and it is then that Maura is satisfied – that is his card.

Despite the depressing topic, Gansey does not care for the reading. He wants to know about ley lines and if they could help him since their work deals with energy. Maura ignores Gansey’s question and finally admits that she knows something, but she is not willing to help him. After the boys leave, Maura tells Blue that she is never to see Gansey again; it is for her own good.

Chapter Sixteen

Gansey is awoken dead in the night by a horrible screeching sound. He follows the sound to Ronan’s room where he is up feeding Chainsaw. Ronan is oblivious to the high-pitch wails coming from his pet as he is listening to Celtic music through some headphones.

Gansey asks Ronan what the psychic meant about his father. Ronan easily ignores Gansey’s curiosity and pegs Calla’s specific foretelling as “crap.” He doesn’t argue with Ronan and goes back to his room where he hears intense buzzing. He wonders and debates whether he should get his EpiPen from his glove compartment in his car as he sees that it is a wasp that is making the sound. He freezes, remembering a time when he almost died due to an allergic reaction.

Ronan comes in and sees the wasp. He hastily grabs a shoe and swats down the perpetrator, yelling at Gansey at the same time. Ronan then asks what is going on with him and Adam. He wants to know why Adam would go with Gansey if he left. Gansey detects a note of jealousy and amends that if he ever leaves to chase down another lead involving ley lines, he would take them all.

Ronan then cryptically says that things are beginning to happen, and that they are getting bigger.

Chapter Seventeen

Blue wakes up in the middle of the night a few days after Gansey’s reading. She heads to her backyard to find solace, but instead finds Neeve slumped down underneath a tree. When Blue gets closer, a voice – that is not Neeve’s – asks her to identify herself. Blue lies and says she is “Neeve.” Blue asks who she’s talking to, which identifies as Neeve and that it is on the Corpse Road.

Before Blue can ask anything else the candle blows out and the real Neeve is returned to her body. Neeve is startled to find Blue and asks her to not tell anyone about what she saw. Blue is scared and tells her aunt that she will tell her mother if she doesn’t find out what her aunt was doing.

Neeve informs Blue that she was looking at the void where Gansey disappeared to in the earlier scrying she did. Neeve also tells Blue that there is someone there and they are looking for the same thing Blue is looking for.

Lastly, Blue asks Neeve what took over her body in which her aunt does not know what it might have been.

Chapter Eighteen

Whelk looks through Gansey’s locker, and takes his belongings; leaving only a note to explain the locker’s bareness to the staff spraying chemicals to get rid of roaches.

With Gansey’s contents, Whelk hids in a stall in the staff bathroom and realizes how deeply obsessed Gansey is about the ley line and Glendower. Whelk remembers the time where he was fascinated with all that stuff. His interest didn’t fully develop until he and Czerny found a naturally made perfect circle of magnetic stones. When they tried to move the stones they were pushed by an invisible force field, only to discover that it was all a diversion. In reality, it became the image of a woman.

It was then that Whelk realized that if he found Glendower, he could gain his popularity back and have the ley line under his control.

Initial Thoughts

There is something deeply disturbing about Whelk and his obsession to gain the money and power he once had. I wonder what Maura saw in his cards that made her kick him out of her house.

I think that Neeve has ulterior motives for being in Henrietta. She is dealing with something dark. I know it!

I wish that Adam would go on and take Gansey’s offer of living with him. No one deserves to be abused. But Adam’s pride is too big and he will not let himself be owned by someone else other than himself.

I am really loving the side characters in Calla and Persephone. They are entirely different and have purpose within the story. Love it!

It is inevitable that Blue is entwined in Gansey’s life. The cards foretold her involvement. They even foretold her presence in Whelk’s reading. I love how Stiefvater intricately wove this perfectly within the story. It’s slowly building and becoming bigger as Ronan also cryptically said.

As the story progresses, small details are becoming major plot developments.

Discussion Question: Psychics are a major point incorporated into this novel. Do you believe in psychics and their power? Or do you think it’s all a joke, a trick of the light?


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Hope you all enjoy this event for the next few weeks! I’ll be posting my summaries every Tuesday and Thursday. Let me know if you’ve read this book so we can talk about things! 🙂


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  1. I think t’s so cool that you’re doing a readalong and then breaking it up chapter by chapter. I’m hopeless at that. I always run though a book as fast as I can (especially if I’m enjoying it) and can never remember what happened one chapter to the next! This book looks amazing.

    • I honestly have to stop reading and record what happens in one chapter because I do forget! It’s hard. And it’s a really great book! I definitely recommend it! It’s my second time reading through it and I love it! !! 😀

  2. sarahappifanie

     /  September 2, 2013

    Thank you so much for this!! I have a Dream Thieves digital ARC and so much happened in the book I lost a lot of details. Where’s the rest? *panics* Thank you 🙂

    • I will be posting the next part up today! I have an ARC as well and I’m trying to finish TRB first so I can go forth and read it before publication date 😛 Thanks so much for reading!


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