Forces of Nature Blog Tour: Book Review + Giveaway!

Author: Elizabeth Sharp

Publisher: 4Corners Press

Release date: August 8, 2011

Rating: 4 stars – I REALLY ENJOYED THIS!


What do you do when you find out your family isn’t your family, death is knocking at your door, and that guy you can’t stop thinking about knows more about who you are than you do? Amelia Hoffman was just a normal 15 year old until she found out the truth. Now ancient myths, supernatural beings, and murder have changed everything. Tests and school dances are no longer the biggest worry in her life– she has to figure out how to save everyone she loves and accept the future in front of her before its too late.


When Amelia Hoffman discovers that she is more than human, things escalate quickly. Supernatural beings begin to surface and a murder plagues a community. Twined with mystery, romance, and heart-pounding action, Natural Selection has everything that I love in YA.

When I picked up Natural Selection, it proved to be more than what I was expecting. The magical creatures that are integrated throughout the novel are endless. For example, her sister is a succubus and her brother is a Djinn, while Amelia is a Gaia. She is a creature of nature and has the ability to heal and work with plants/greenery. I loved that there wasn’t a specific supernatural being. It was different and added to the unique and creative story line that Sharp created.

I really liked Amelia Hoffman. Her character is by far one of the youngest that I have read this year. I remember when I was fifteen and it’s much to the insecurities that Amelia faces. She’s sort of plain, but as the novel progresses she blossoms into a beautiful creature (no pun intended). Her feelings towards a certain boy *cough* her brothers’ best friend *cough* is really sweet. He seems to know more about her than she does. Mysterious, eh?

While we’re on the topic of love, Nathaniel, the love interest, is just so sweet and loyal. I just wanted to hug him. Okay, more like attack bear hug him. But still. His fierce protectiveness over Amelia was by far one of my favorite parts. What can I say? I’m a sucker for romance.

Aside from supernatural beings, there are also witches. But the witches in Amelia’s world aren’t the good guys. It’s also difficult to trust people when enemies turn out to be the unlikeliest of people.

Another thing that I really enjoyed about this novel was the realistic bond between the characters. I loved that strong connection between family. As a reader, you could really see how much Amelia cared for her brother and sister. Her parents as well. Amelia is willing to do anything it takes to save her family. I found that admirable.

Lastly, I really enjoyed Sharp’s writing style. It flowed easily and well, it was just fun to read.

All in all, Natural Selection was a great start to a series. The ending leaves you wanting more! Plus, isn’t the cover absolutely gorgeous?? ^^


Elizabeth has a near crippling Facebook addiction, dwarfed only by her need for Dr. Pepper. A self-proclaimed techno geek, she loves cell phones, computers, tablets and all things technological. The internet has to be the greatest invention since the wheel, in her opinion. She lives in a quiet subdivision with her husband, one-year-old son, three cats, and far too many electronics. It’s quite possible she has some raccoon in her DNA, because she loves glitter and anything that sparkles. She enjoys making jewelry and costumes. Halloween is her favorite holiday since it’s the one day of the year that you can be whatever you want. But her first love will always be writing. Otherwise, hearing voices in her head would make her feel schizophrenic.


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  1. Ooh, this looks good. I’ll have to pick it up! Great review! 😀

  2. I need to get my hands on this, it sounds so good! The cover is really pretty, too 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your review! 🙂 xxx


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