What Is Love?

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I may already be in love with him.

Is it possible to fall in love with someone you’ve only gone out with twice? There’s something different about Noah (not his real name). The way he is so attentive and sweet. His eyes are blue, while his irises are a soft yellow. Not golden. Just…soft.

Did I mention how he bought advance 3D tickets to The Day of The Doctor Monday night?

Just the way he holds me shows me how much he cares about me and that’s it’s not just about sex. The guys I’ve talked to this year…well, that’s what mattered most to do them. But with Noah…there’s something more. Something that I’ve always wanted to have, but never had the chance to experience, except now.

I love just…talking to him. Before I even met him, we talked on the phone for hours. Time didn’t seem to exist when I talked to him. An hour could go by and it only felt like 5 minutes had passed. He’s concrete, stable. There’s an underlining substance to his actions, his words. He’s like a poem I want to read every day, only to find a new meaning to the words.

It’s scary. It’s even a little bit crazy. But like I said…I may already love him. It’s just so crazy and illogical. Isn’t there a saying…when you know, you just know? Isn’t love illogical and irrational? Isn’t it unexpected? Isn’t that the best kind?

So many questions. So many thoughts running through my head. All I know is that he is slowly, but surely capturing my heart.


I know this is completely out of the norm for my posts, but Noah is a new piece of my life. I want to share him with all of you when the time comes. For now, he’ll remain a vague mystery.

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  1. Un-oh! I hear hormones stirring.


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