Goodbye March, Hello April

Ello lovelies! Misha says hi too! ^^ Today, I bring you my monthly favorites meme. It’s where I highlight all my favorites from the previous month, while welcoming the new month upon us!

March was quite uneventful. I did absolutely nothing with my life for Spring Break other than work practically every day that week. I didn’t finish a book nor did I travel to a new delicious restaurant. #SADNESS

I did, however, watch a couple of shows, read half of Into The Still Blue by Veronica Rossi, and fell in love with an array of music.

So here are my monthly favorites in a nutshell 🙂


One of my absolute favorite songs for March is Face the Sun by James Blunt. You may better know him as the guy who wrote You’re Beautiful. I can’t stop humming or softly singing this song before I go to sleep some nights. It’s just so achingly beautiful.


The next song…I think I heard from an episode of Reign. I may be entirely wrong, though. The song then began to play at work and I absolutely love it! It’s got this indie rock sound that is catchy and youthful. The song I speak of is Atomic Man by Portugal. The Man.


Lastly, I love Slowly, Slowly by the Mowgli’s.



Star Crossed

I didn’t think that I would like this show so much because the trailers for it looked cheesy. But I ended up loving it! I also love Matt Lanter. *cough* *cough* He’s not the only reason I watch the show, though. Honestly!

The show is based around Roman and Emery. Roman is an alien, shipwrecked on earth with others of his kind. Assuming they are a threat, the government rounds them up into a sector, completely segregated from mankind. 10 years later, the government is trying to integrate them into society.

Does this sound familiar? I hope so! To me, it is parallel to our own kind of integration in the U.S. during the 60’s. Instead, it is aliens mingling with humans (though they look like humans with a few differences in their DNA). I also really like how those who think it is taboo to integrate “species” are slowly coming around.

I also love the forbidden romance between Emery and Roman! Gah. I just….melt. He can’t be with her because it will put her at risk as there are people targeting her and Roman. There is also a sort of romance between Emery and Grayson, whose family are the leaders to a hate group against the Atrians (aliens).

If you haven’t watched this show, I hightly recommend it! The CW lately has been producing really great t.v. drama’s to look forward to!



Utterly beautiful and electrifying!

I honestly didn’t know what to think about Divergent or it’s main actors Shailene Woodly and Theo James. But after watching it last weekend…

The script was written beautifully, the actors delivered, the story I love was brought to life with magic and great execution. I loved the relationship between the characters. It was exactly how I imagined it. I just…I honestly don’t have words to describe how AH-MAZING the adaption of this book is. I can only expect Insurgent to be just as good or even better!

This also makes me super excited for Shailene and Ansel to be on screen in The Fault in Our Stars! I have complete and utter faith in them. I only hope to see more of Theo James on my screen 😉




I like watching youtube videos on my phone before I go to bed because…well, it takes me a half hour to get really tired and actually be ready to sleep. The pass couple of months have been filled with my addiction to Emma Approved, a modern interpretation to Emma by Jane Austen. I haven’t read Emma, but the webisodes make me want to! So much so, that I recently added the book to my TBR list. I will now be hunting a good copy at used book stores.

I love the characters in Emma Approved. They are quirky, quick-witted, and devilishly handsome. *cough* Okay, that last quality falls to Alex Knightly. He’s just so dreamy.

Emma Approved is funded by the same people behind The Lizzie Bennet Diaries; another great modern take on a Jane Austen novel.


Welp. That’s about it! It seems like March was full of a lot of t.v. But in all honesty, it was also filled with hundreds and hundreds of pages of homework. I haven’t been in a reading kind of mood because of all the reading I have to do for school. After a while, I’m just so tired all I want to do is lay back down and watch a show. I did buy a couple of books that I hope to be reading throughout the year. *fingers crossed*

My goals for April would be to read at least, two books, write a daily prompt every day (as part of a promise I made), and to embrace new beginnings! I recently quit my first job; my last day being in 11 days! It was a hard decision to make, but my second job offers me more opportunities and an entirely new experience I hope will make me happy!

Here’s to April being good!

What were some of your favorites in March? Let me know down in the comments below! Or if you have your own monthly favorites, feel free to leave a link! I’d love to check it out!

Love always,



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