Hello lovelies! It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of my musings. My boyfriend Kevin is an avid supporter of my writing and in hopes that inspiration may ignite the frivolous walls of mind – he’s created this mini writing challenge where one of us picks a topic and write about it. This isn’t the first time we’ve done this, but it is the first time he’s allowed me to share his piece with the world! And I will share mine as well.

I warn you, though, mine is REALLY SAD.

The topic in question was: Moon.


My moon.

Without the sun’s complement, you are invisible, alone, and unknown to us. The shining rays of your complement allow us to know who you are, and to allow you into our life as we did the beaming star in the sky.

Our moon.

Without your glistening twilight, you bring comfort to me, knowing that my love is gazing upon your surface at the exact moment that I do. You are the hope and solace that I need to bring content to my heart.

Her moon.

She sees the romance and adventure that you signify, and her heart is filled with your embrace. You hold her as I would – every single night for the rest of her nights.


If it wasn’t for the sun, we would never know the beauty of the moon. The world would be cast into darkness once the set, taking with it the only source of light we know.

I look out into the sea now, basking in the cool air that surrounds me, and think of such things. I think of how similar that natural outcome is comparable to life, to mine.

It’s a year today, since I’ve lost him. He went swiftly and willingly, letting the madness overcome every fiber of his being. Until one day, he was carried away by the vigilant hand that is death.

He was my moon, lighting the dark tunnel I went into at times. He was the only person who could light up my world like that. I didn’t know how he did it, but I wish he would have shared his secret with me before he left me…


My only regret was not saving him, like he had saved me all those times before.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be your moon as you were mine.


If I can get Kevin to write with me every week (or maybe it’ll be the other way around), would you guys like to see these kinds of post more often? Let me know! Maybe this will be the thing that causes something to stir deep within me; a story begging to be told.

Until next time,


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  1. These were absolutely breathtaking. Both were absolutely stunning. I would love to read future posts from the both of you. :’)
    Now, I’m so inspired. ❤ I shall write something about the moon also. Beautiful post.

  2. I really loved these! I hope we can see more of your writing soon 😀 (And it’s so good to see you back!)

  1. Goodbye Moon [FLASH FICTION] | Ramisa the Authoress

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