Hello lovely people of the interwebs! Today, I bring you a small glimpse of my writing. This isn’t anything special. It isn’t part of any 30 Day Writing Challenge either. But I was asked  by Kevin to write something with “high vocabulary.” This is my excerpt. I hope it is acceptable to the challenge


The world is filled with preconceived notions. People generally believe what they have been told; never allowing themselves to explore and discover the worlds secrets on their own. Upon traveling I met a man who did not believe the sky turned various shades of color. He had never seen the sky flare with fiery oranges or light rich pinks.

That is, until I asked him to join me on a hike, walking the excruciating trails that lead to a magnificent peak, over looking the valley of Zion. We stayed awake for most of the night, talking about our families. He talked about his children; all grown, married, and with children of their own. He reminisced about the past, filled with adventures across the globe with the love of his life. His memories soon turned to pain as he ached for his love, now gone from this world.

Soon after, he fell asleep and I put out the fire. I awoke to the singing of birds and saw the slightest tinge of orange on the horizon. Hastily, I awoke my friend, rustling him from his deep slumber.

When the sun rose, that was when he believed me. He had never seen a sunrise. In the 65 years of his life, he had never cared to. He saw the light dusky orange fill the fading night.

Tears cascaded down his cheeks. With a smile and eyes filled with wonder, I let him bask in the beauty of the sky.


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  1. It’s beautiful! You made me smile in the middle of a rough night, so thanks for that! Keep up the good work! =)

  2. I am glad to be one of the visitants on this fantastic web site (:, thanks for putting up.


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