30 Day Writing Challenge: Hero

I’ve decided to finally start a 30 Day Writing Challenge that I found online a few months ago! It’s time that I stopped sitting idling and actually write every day like I use to. So this challenge will help me with that goal. – Based on the remnants of a dream, a dream that I’m pretty sure is fueled by my obsession over Criminal Minds, I’ve written this piece.


I ran to him, stumbling over jagged rocks and twigs. My hair caught on a branch and I tripped over a log, landing hard on my knees.


Kade was beside me in seconds, his feet crunching over fallen leaves. Behind him, I heard the distant sound of shouts and barking. Lights flickered on the ground and settled on my face. I closed my eyes and nestled my face into his chest.

“We’ve found her,” someone said followed by a static answer.

“Wendy, I’m Agent Kent. I need you to tell me where he is.”

I looked up and saw a man crouched beside us. He was older with soft brown eyes. Looking back at Kade I saw he wore a black vest. Upon further examination I noticed it was a bullet proof vest.

These weren’t ordinary police personnel. They were FBI. They scattered throughout the woods, combing the area, looking for the place where I had been kept.

“You’re safe, Wen. You’re safe now.”

I wanted to cry in relief. Kade had found me with the bread crumbs I had left behind. The small trinkets from my charm bracelet had served to be a blessing.

“Go straight and left at the fork.” My voice shook. I swallowed, trying to calm down. “You’ll see a cottage. That’s where he kept me. That’s where he still should be.”

Kent dispatched the rest of his people into the woods while he stayed behind, shrugging off his jacket and wrapping me in it.

“Did he follow you?” Kent asked.

I shook my head. Kent’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion. I didn’t give him a chance to ask the question that lingered on his tongue. I answered, knowing what it would be.

“I left him screaming when I plunged a screwdriver into his leg.”

Kent nodded, understanding flickering in his eyes. He stood up and laid a hand on Kade’s shoulder, giving it a small squeeze. “You were a hero today. You helped us save her.”

Kade looked at me and kissed my forehead. “No, she saved herself.”


Okay. So I think that I should probably stop watching Criminal Minds before I go to bed. Do you agree? Anyways, if you’d like to join me on this writing adventure, the words for the writing challenge will down below! Hope you’ll join in on the fun! 🙂

30 days writing challenge



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  1. Published two books recently, but good luck. You never know where it might take you 🙂


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