30 Day Writing Challenge: Ash

He washed upon the shore, a clad figure in black.

Photographers swarmed the scene minutes after the police had arrived. Yellow tape was issued as a means to get the crowd under control and to protect evidence.

Detective Raymond lead me through the scene, reporters yelling my name, trying to get any sort of information from me. I ignored them as I always do. Politics was not why I was here. I was called only for special cases. My guess was that this was the work of the new killer in San Fran. He lurked the streets at night, burning his victims. Only ash and bones remained in the end, making it rather difficult to identify the victim.

Raymond’s hand lingered on my shoulder as we approached the body; his hand offering protection against the sight. As if I needed protection. I had seen worse.

My dreams were filled with monsters and dead bodies, multiplying every day the killer remained in the city.


So much gloom! I can’t wait to make a light and fun excerpt! Tomorrow’s word is teeth. Hmm…would you all like to see something light or dark for the topic? Let me know down in the comments! Also, feel free to jump in at any time with this 30 day writing challenge!




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