30 Day Writing Challenge: Teeth, Bones, and Heart

Three days, I missed three days of this! Oh, I’m a mess right now….kudus to those who can finished the lyrics. As a means to get right on track, I will post all 3 excerpts in one post. They are short, written on my breaks for lunch at work. Promise!



I listened to the soft pitter patter of rain against the window pane. The sound was an all consuming beat, drowning the sadness that lingered in the pit of my stomach.

Two years. I had given myself to him completely for two years just so that it could be broken in a matter of seconds. He never gave me a chance to explain. He didn’t even look back as he walked away.

For him – a blessing in disguise.

For me – regret.

Tears threatened to escape, my stomach tightening at the sudden emptiness. He had left me alone and broken.

“Six cheese bagel with strawberry smear and a strawberry smoothie?”

I looked up at Mason, holding my favorite order from Einstein’s Bagels. A smile spread easily on my lips and he sat down across my desk.

“There are those teeth that I like so much. You should use them to bite this in the ass.”

I let out a small chuckle. He was right. I was better than this. And I could and would get passed this.

“Thank you,” I gestured at the bag, “for this. I’m starved.”

The smile lite up his blue eyes. “Well, it’s a good thing I ordered for two.”



Lily had found the bones in her backyard on a Sunday. Her little brother, Steven, had been pretending to be an archeologist. He had recently learned about the profession in school and wanted to be one. Under Lily’s supervision, Steven was allowed to dig in the backyard, finding knick knacks left behind by previous owners.

Now, police personnel filled the perimeter of her house, gathering evidence and statements.

Lily was only fourteen, while Steven was seven. There wasn’t much the police was getting out of them.

But their parents were a different story. Mr. Newman, Lily’s father, had a secret even he wished to keep from his family.



I fit perfectly in his arms as I relished the warmth of his body tucked gingerly next to mine. I listened to the quiet rhythm of his heart.

After a few minutes I noticed something wrong. There was a skip, a missing beat.

“You’re heart,” I said slowly, “it’s…”

“I have a small murmur. I’ve had it all my life.”

I pressed my head closer to his chest, as if the distance would make it easier to detect where the murmur was located. It was to no avail. It was silly, really – to think that I could figure out it’s residence.

“Does it hurt?”

“No.” He ran a hand through my hair, sending small shivers down my spine. “I’ve learned to live with it. It’s nothing you should worry about.”

But I did worry. My father had died due to a heart murmur that he had never known about. I didn’t want the same for Ethan.

My heart couldn’t bear it if I lost him too.


So that is it! I know they are a bit awkward, but I hope they were a wee bit enjoyable 🙂 I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

Until next time,


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