30 Day Writing Challenge: Villain

I found him in the cellar, the place where it all began.

It was dark, the steps creaking beneath my feet. I could hear the blood rushing to my head. My heart an impending crescendo as I walked to an uncertainty. He was the villain of my story and it was time that his reign of terror came to an end.

I reached the bottom of the stairs and saw his body hunched over the sink. He whistled a tune that was meant to be sweet. Instead it was twisted and ominous. He was the monster I had vanquished from my mind as a child. Somehow, he had returned with a vengeance and sought the blood of everyone I cared about.

My hands trembled with the knife in my hand. I should have done this a long time ago. I could have same them all if I had.

He stopped whistling and turned his head towards me. An evil grin was plastered on his face. His teeth were animal-like, sharp and deadly.

“Look whose come to play. Little Annie, how I’ve missed you.”

He lunged for me and I dodged. It had been years since I last had encountered him in my nightmares. It did not mean that I had forgotten his sick games. On the contrary, I remembered everything.

I played his game, caught between a deadly dance and the will to survive – to end this.

I received my chance the moment I offered myself as bait. He didn’t resist the blood he had shed with his claws. I pretended to be defenseless, backing away from his advances. It wasn’t until he got me in a corner and knelled, ready to devour me that I swiftly unsheathed the blade tucked behind my back and struck him right between his eyes.

I was prepared for blood. What I didn’t expect was his body crumpling to ashes and bones.



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  1. Emma, wow!
    I love this dark edge to your writing. I’ve never seen this before; you pull it off so elegantly, too. So much tension, suspense and fear… amazing last line, too. It’s still resonating in my mind.

    • Thank you, Remy! It means a lot coming from you! I love writing dark stuff. I don’t do it often, but when I do I try to make it as creepy as possible 😛


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