30 Day Writing Challenge: Sister

I’ve always imagined what it would be like to have a sister.

Being an only child has its perks, like being spoiled rotten (thought I do not act like a brat). At least, I hope not. There is also no one else to compare to with expectations.

On the other hand, being an only child is terribly lonely.

I remember days when I was a kid, playing by myself in my room – my parents being too busy to play with me. I don’t have many friends, not even when I was a kid. There’s no one I can talk to about clothes and boys. Well, there is Michael but he doesn’t count.

I wish I had an older sister, someone I can go to for advice.

I can’t tell Michael because well…the advice is about him. Like how would I tell him how I feel without ruining our friendship? Or should I tell him at all?

These are the things a sister would surely know the answers to because she would have been through the same predicaments long before me.

Mom would be the next person I’d go to, but she is always busy; stuck in her office stressed about legal proceedings like court dates and affidavits. Dad would be useless. Any mention of a “girl thing” and he runs away, letting Mom handle it.

I wonder what my sister would say now. Would she tell me to take a chance with Michael or leave it as it is?

As I pace the perimeter of my bedroom, there is a soft knock on my window that startles me. Michael is outside. A grin lights up his green his with amusement.

“What are you doing here?”

He taps his watch twice. “Did you forget? Meteor shower. Tonight. Eight o’clock.”

I hit my forehead. How could I have forgotten? “Yes! Let me just get my coat.”

I cross my room and grab my coat. Before I leave, I grab a piece of paper and scribble a note to the parentals, letting them know about my whereabouts for the night. I wouldn’t want them to freak out and think a stranger kidnapped me.

I climb out of my window with Micheal’s help, almost knocking him over due to my clumsiness. “Ready?”

I nod. He reaches out his hand and I grab it like so many times before. But unlike the past years where this act was a sign of solace, his touch sent a shock to my system.

Tell him.

I smiled, thinking about a sister who would advice me to tell him the feelings I had kept hidden for over a  year.

In the end, it never was about having a sister or not. My heart and mind knew what to do, it was just getting my mouth to say what was hidden inside.

Laying down, beneath a blanket in the park, with the stars falling across the sky, I told Michael the truths of my heart.



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