30 Day Writing Challenge: Drunk, Fingers, and Hair

The missing excerpts for October 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.



I didn’t like these sorts of gatherings. The stench of alcohol and sweat heavy in the air, the vibration of the booming stereo system, and the buzzing created by words all around me. The moment Kenna had begun driving up the interstate and to the infamous barn was the exact time and place that I had regretted my decision to go out.

From the sofa, I watched Kenna as she foolishly drunk herself into a dizzying face. I’m guessing that that is the only reason why she brought me. She had appointed me as the DD for the night. I kept an eye on her. I’d be damned if anything happened to her on my watch. Besides, she was my roommate and best friend no matter the hell she was putting me through.

What were best friends for? Plus, this was giving me real life experience – something that Kenna said I needed more in my life rather than reading about it.



We lay there, beneath the stars, counting the moments we had together until our last days on earth. With fingers intertwined, Nath whispered to me the things he wished to do. He wanted to travel the world, capturing beautiful moments between people he never met. He wanted to visit his father’s grave in Amsterdam and walk the streets his mother did before she came to the states. Lastly, Nath wanted to know one thing from me:

“Do you love me?”

I turned to him, his eyes glistening with hope and unshed tears. He didn’t have much time and that thought seized my heart. I couldn’t imagine a world without Nath and yet, here we were, imagining it because it would soon become reality.

“Yes,” I whispered. “Yes.”

His smiled and tugged me closer to him. As silently as the wind stirring around us, he said, “I will always love you.”



After a long a trying day at work, I sunk into the sofa, feeling the tension of my muscles cramp. My mother came in the room to greet me. One look at me and she knew.

I couldn’t help but start crying and told her everything within the last ten hours.

First, it was the coffee spill all over my new red blouse on the subway.

Then, it was Rainer treating me like shit after I turned him down for a date by making me run errands that didn’t pertain to my job. But I was his secretary so I had to oblige.

After lunch, I heard several rumors about Rainer and I breaking up (as if we were ever dating!). It explained why he was treating me like a slave rather than a decent human being.

On the walk towards the subway, my heel broke. I had to limp 2 blocks and look like a completely deranged woman with panda eyes.

Finally, when I thought nothing could get worst, I leave my wallet at work causing me to miss the 5 o’clock car and walk all the way back to work, running into Rainer. He didn’t have much to say other than perverse words that I dare not repeat to my mother.

I told her my misfortunes as she stroked my hair like she used to when I was a kid. It was strangely soothing and before I knew it I was falling asleep under her comforting presence.

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  1. I love these posts. Keep writing. (:


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