30 Day Writing Challenge: Storm, Decay, and Ink

The missing excerpts for October 4th, 5th, and 6th.



Lightening and thunder matted the sky on a perfectly sunny day. At least, it had been a couple of hours ago. Now, a storm waged with over powering winds and rain that could flood the city.

I watched from my window as the branches from our big oak tree hit the glass. When the thunder roared I flinched. I didn’t like the sound. Lightening I could handle. I liked how it streaked the sky, a violent cry from the gods above. It was beautiful, watching the lightening light the sky every few seconds.

The thunder kept me awake all night, it’s booming crackling sending shivers down my spine.

I curled up in my blanket and held Mr. Bunny close to my chest. Later, when the storm had passed, I fell asleep to the light pattering of rain on my window sill.



Her teeth were rotted, her bones weathered with decay.



He sat alone at a table, an open book lay before him. Pens littered the space around him and indecipherable words scrawled haphazardly on lined paper. As I approached I noticed ink on his hands. It looked like a pen may have betrayed him, exploding all over his hands and dotting a few places on his pristine blue collared shirt.

I liked the look on his face. His brows were etched in concentration and his eyes were solely on the blank book before him. I wouldn’t have noticed him if the coffee shop hadn’t been full to the brink. His table was the only one available and I was slightly curious to find what captivated him so.

“Mind if I sit here?”

He looked up, blue eyes lingering on my brown ones for a moment. Then, he pushed away his beautifully chaotic mess aside and gave me a share of his space.

“Thank you.”

He nodded and went back to starring at the blank book before him. I left him alone with his thoughts until my pumpkin spice latte was cool enough to drink. Curiosity was a virtue engraved in my soul. I could not stop myself from asking, “Penny for your thoughts?”

He slowly looked up and blinked – like it was the first time he was seeing me.

“It seems my muse has left me.”

I cocked my head to the side, assessing his work splayed before him. “You need some fairy dust.”

He smiled, softening the crease between his brows. “Do you know where to find some?”

It was my turn to smile. Men didn’t usually go along with my quirkiness. “I’ve been told that beneath St. George’s Bridge lies an old man who sells fairy dust in exchange for your soul.”

He raised his brows in amusement and I coyly hid my grin by sipping on my latte.

“Will you go with me? To find this man.”

I gasped. “No! You wouldn’t! Surely fairy dust is not worth your soul.”

He closed the book in front of him and began to gather the pages into a neat pile. Something lurched inside me and I realized that I was saddened to see him go so soon.

“No, but an adventure would surely spark my muse to return.” He then quickly scrawled something on a blank sheet of paper, folded it, and hand it to me. “Until we meet again.”

He tipped his hat as a farewell. I watched him walk out of the cafe and into the biting January air. Once he was out of sight, I opened the note and saw ten numbers along with his name.



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  1. I really liked Ink 😀 Nice job!


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