30 Day Writing Challenge: Lips, Summer, and Wash

The missing excerpts for October 11th, 12th, and 13th.

Lips + Summer

His kisses felt like summer rain; sweet and fresh upon my lips.

I didn’t want it to end. I could be kissed like that for the rest of my life.

But like all good things, everything has an ending.

It all happened so fast. Like a vibrant dream slowly fading.

At night, I hear his voice upon the shore. He calls my name begging me to remember.

All I remember is the kiss way his eyes were so blue when he kissed me.



Pour. Scrub. Wash. Dry. Repeat.

Pour. Scrub. Wash. Dry. Repeat.

Pour. Scrub. Was-


I stopped abruptly and cringed at the sound of my name.

Here we go again..

“Tess! Where are you?”

I rolled my eyes and stood from my place on the kitchen floor. “I’m coming Ma’am!” Hastily, I wiped my hands on my apron and ran towards the voice that owned my soul.

I found Lady Leslie in the parlor, reclining on one of the many duvets residing in the manor. This particular duvet was Lady Leslie’s favorite. Heaven forbid something awful had happened to it. Lady Leslie made no move upon my presence. She simply remained smoking a cigar her husband had brought from Cuba.

“Who was last in this very room?”

My brows furrowed. How should I know? “Ma’am, I don’t-”

She looked at me then, her brown eyes hard on my face. I looked down at my feet, feeling her wrath burn my skin.”Tess, I will not encourage my maids to dawdle in this room without my husband or my permission. Do you see this?” She pointed at one of the pillows near her lap. A wine stain had set on the mustard colored fabric. If I hadn’t known better I would think it was part of the design.

There was no use arguing when Lady Leslie was in one of her moods. I could tell her that none of her maids would ever think to linger in this room without her company. Seeing as she entertained guests in this very room – it had to be at it’s most pristine.

“Five pounds will be deducted from all your wages. See that this,” she tossed the pillow at my feet, “gets taken out. You are dismissed.” I dutifully picked the pillow up and left her sight.

Days like these made me yearn for my Papa. If he hadn’t had left I would be at University studying Freud rather than hearing about him.

If only.




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