30 Day Writing Challenge: Moon, Shaman, and Hollow

The missing excerpts for October 14th, 15th, and 16th.


I sought the stars tonight, seeking comfort in their radiating warmth. The moon shined brightly, illuminating the space around it – those stars shining brighter than the other.

When the world began to crumble at my feet I sought the stars.



The Shaman was here to purge our house of impurities. We’ve been having a bit of a ghost problem. Well, a poltergeist to be exact. My mother was into old and new age magic; a shaman being the bridge between the two practices. She thought Dr. Karr could solve the problem.

I highly doubted it.

Smoke billowed from a burning sage Dr. Karr waved in front of my face. He hummed and shouted in a language unknown to my ears. The longer he stayed, the faster the pit in my stomach grew. His presence was only going to anger the ghost.

…and I was right.

At the end of the first hour, items around the living room began to tremble. I scrambled out of my seat from the sofa and edged towards the entryway. The moment I reached the other room my mother’s favorite emerald jade elephant flew across the room, shattering against the wall. I flinched. The shaman stopped his chanting, momentarily assessing the situation with bewildered eyes.

He turned to me, his forehead creased, his eyes hard as stone. “Fear fuels this evil. Do not fear, Lana.”

How could I not fear when this ghost has haunted my life for months? Fear reminded me that I was still human and not some freak who could…


The sound of my name jolted my heart. I ran up the stairs to find my mother cowering in a corner, her bed floating in midair. I ran to her side and helped her out of the room. The door slammed behind us; the ghost giving us a semblance of mercy.

No matter how volatile the ghost rose to be, it never harmed us.

Yet, I was still afraid. Afraid that I would lose myself within it’s anger like in Charleston.

It was my fault the poltergeist was here. My mother was just too blind to realize her own daughter’s gift.

I just needed to control it. But this place had already fallen from my control. It was time to leave again.



His clues lead me to a tree in the outskirts of town.

Inside you will find the things I treasure most.

It was just like Roy to lead me on a giant goose chance on our anniversary. It was one of the things I loved about him.

I stood in front of the tree, wondering what was so special about it. As I grew closer, I saw an engraving etched on the wood. The letters SD and RS with a heart around them tittered my heart into a crazy loop.

My fingers grazed the tree, a pine tree, it’s sweet smell filling my lungs.

The forest had always been a solace for Roy. Did this tree hold something of Roy’s? Did he hide it in some sort of hollow place within it?

I circled the tree once, twice, thrice. I felt like a dog chasing it’s tail. Why did Roy have to like riddles? It was too much for my feeble brain.


I face the engraving, stomping my feet around the moss growing at the base. My foot gave out beneath me, solidly landing something. Thank the gods I had not sprained my ankle. I had landed on a brown wooden box, leveled with the hole Roy had dug.

Clever. He was always two steps away.

I knelled on the ground and grabbed the box from it’s hiding place. With nimble fingers, I opened it to find it filled with letters and photographs and other knick knacks like ticket stubs. Our letters. Our photographs. Our ticket stubs. He had saved our moments. Tears of happiness and unfathomable love brimmed at the surface of my eyes. These were his treasures.

The things he valued most was the time he’s had with me.


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