Simply Sunday #14

simply sunday

Simply Sunday is a reading meme hosted by Books For a Delicate Eternity. It’s where you share your favorite quote; be it from a book, movie, novella, song, ect.

My favorite quote this week is from Interstellar:

Mankind was born on earth. It was never meant to die here.

Why I Chose It

I recently wrote my monthly favorites post in which I wrote about my favorite movie for November (minor spoiler :). Interstellar was one of my favorite movies this month and as I watched the trailer for the film, I was reminded of the underlining meaning to the movie: Go forth and explore what has yet to be discovered in the universe.

In the film, the setting is decades into the future where the world is dying. Famine, horrible weather pattern, and technology is minimized. Explorers are sent on a journey to space in order to find a habitable planet for all of mankind.

The reason why I like this particular quote is it’s symbolism for something greater. To me, it shows the vast contours of the universe and all that we have yet to discover.

What was your favorite quote this week? Let me know down in the comments below! 🙂

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