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Last week, Lauren over at BooksTeaMe wrote a brilliant post about first bookish loves. In the eve of Valentine’s day, a person gets to thinking. How could someone compare to your first love? Well, your first bookish love. That character is irrevocably unforgettable. They were the first to steal your heart utterly and completely.

What made you fall in love with this specific character? Do you remember him or her at all? Do you remember the exact moment when you realized you had fallen in love?

My first bookish love was Dimitri Belikov from Vampire Academy. In the dawn of vampires galore, I saw something different in Dimitri. He’s dark haired, extremely tall (like 6’7), strong, protective, loyal, caring, and has moments of sweetness where my heart melted into a pill of mush. When he called her Roza, in his lilting Russian accent…*sigh* My sixteen year old self wanted to be the Rose to his Dimitri. I loved that he was a badass Dhampir; half vampire, half human. He protected the Moroi (a race of vampires) he was assigned to and also protected the people he loved. He would lay down his life for others, to see them safe. It’s no wonder that he was my first love.

In Lauren’s post, she talks about the standards that these bookish first loves set, and I completely agree with her. Dimitri set a very high standard for any men who would later come into my life. I remember having a list of qualities these boys needed to have in order to date me. It’s unrealistic. I now realize that people can’t be that perfect or fit the exact image of my first love, but people can come oftly close.

With love, you want to feel cared and understood. You want to be able to laugh every day and feel an incredible lightness of being with another person. Most of all, you want to feel loved. Like Rose and Dimitri and the thousands of other couples we come across in books. It’s normal to want what we read, especially when it comes to love.

All we can do is hope to find someone that can be our other half in life. And maybe not judge to harshly with the people who do come into our lives, who want to be in our lives. I’ve learned not to have a list of things that a person absolutely needs to have. I found that it only leads to disappointment and unhappiness. I’ve also realized that when you get rid of that list, a person does come along that is wonderful and magical all on their own accord, like a rare unicorn found in the desert. And lastly, they do make you feel like you’re the leading heroine to a story and they are your leading man; every day an adventure worth seeking.



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